Trick or Treat

For the Halloween comp


1. Trick or Treat

  It was Halloween night, and a blanket of fog settled upon the land. Aged ten, I had been looking forward to this day for weeks. I was dressed as a fairy queen, the most beautiful costume in the world. It was a long green and gold dress covered in sequins and beads. A pair of sparkling wings spread across my back, and in one hand I held a gold and crimson oak wand with a real ruby on the bottom. I had found this priceless object in a rubbish heap a few weeks ago. I found it strange that it was left there, as it was in perfect condition and looked stunning. So what if it didn't really match my costume.

  I heard the doorbell ring, and I bolted down the stairs to answer it. Standing at the door were Regina and Tamira, my best friends in the whole world. I was going trick-or-treating with them. Regina was a witch, dressed entirely in black, and Tamira was a vampire. Apart from fangs and witches hat, they looked almost identical. I grabbed my bag, and yelled goodbye to my mom. Then the three of us ran away to get as much sweets as possible. The road was quiet and all we could hear were our feet crunching on the dry leaves and our hearts pounding in our chests, as we hurried to the first house.

  Once we reached the door, Regina rang the bell. The door opened revealing a teenage girl who looked very bored.

"Trick or treat!" we all cried in unison

   She rolled her eyes and tossed a few sweets into our bags. Then the three of us went over to the next house. It was huge compared to the other houses in the area. I rand the doorbell this time. The door swung open and a young woman stood before us.

"Trick or treat!" we chanted.

The woman smiled sweetly, reaching for the sweets. Then suddenly, she screamed.

"The wand," she gasped, and slammed the door in our faces. I knew it shouldn't bother me, but there was something about her that wasn't right. Then it hit me, there had been a chain wrapped around her wrist.

"Talk about rude!" Tamira exclaimed.

"Oh well, there's always the next house," Regina sighed.

"Wait guys," I said. "You're forgetting something. It's trick or treat. She just chose trick."

  That was my first mistake. The second was keeping the wand.

  We giggled, ringing the doorbell again, face paint ready to put in her hair. But when the door opened it was someone else. An older woman, with long black hair that fell to her waist. She was very tall and skinny, the black dress she wore really emphasizing it.

"Oh, my dear children," she said, her voice gruff and croaky. "Do step inside and I'll find you some candy."

  We stepped inside.

  My third mistake. The last mistake I'll ever make.

  None of us had the courage to speak, none of us even had the courage to move. My heart was in my mouth and I was forgetting how to breath. It seemed so much colder in here than it was outside. The hairs on the back of my neck rose as the women grabbed my arm and pulled me across the hall, into another larger room. I took one last look at my friends, but they were gone, the front door slightly ajar. In that moment I hated them, they had left me without so much as trying to help.

  "What a lovely wand you have," she sneers grabbing it from me and tossing it on a table beside me. "Well, let me show you what happens to rats who steal."

  Then she left the room slamming the door behind her. This room haunted me. There was a wand lay on the table beside me, and hanging from the ceiling were all sorts of hooks, and deadly instruments. The room was dark so that was all I could see. Then I felt a short breath on the back of my neck. I spun around, but the space behind me was empty. Then I gasped.

  The wand on the table was gone.

  I screamed, the last sound I ever made.

News Report 1/11/2012 10-year-old-girl dead

A ten-year-old's body was found this morning in the remains of an abandoned house on the outskirts of London. This trick-or-treater was found hanging from the ceiling, a metal hook pierced through her neck. The house burnt down over night, but the room she was found in was still standing. Two more bodies were found by the house.They were both young girls. While it seems that the two bodies found in the rubble died of burns, the other 10-year-old had a much more gruesome death. A red and gold wand was found protruding from her heart. But the scariest part is that when police came to investigate the wand was gone.      






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