Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


1. Introduction

Riya, a simple, beautiful and enthuziastic girl gets engaged to Pratik, a smart, well educated, handsome young man. Their's is a match made by their parents. Arranged Marriage!!

Come.. lets discover their journey of finding 'love' in this 'arranged relationship'!!


*Riya's point of view*

Since a long time, I am standing in front of my closet, trying to finalise what I am going to wear today. Anything special??? Of course yes!!! Today I am going on my official first date with my fiance, Pratik. I met Pratik just last week, when there was a formal meeting arranged for us by the two families. We had a small talk and during that, we instanty liked each other. And yesterday, I got engaged to him.

After changing some n number of clothes, I finally settled upon a red top and black jeans.

"Perfect! Didi you look gorgeous in this. Jiju will be stunned for sure." my younger bro Vishal said teasingly. I couldnt help, but brightly blush at the mention of Pratik's name.

"Heyy.. r u blushing... OMG!!! Hahah"

"Vishuuuu!! Get lost. & let me get ready"

Dad: " Vishal, stop irritating my princess! Let her get ready beta. Pratik would be coming any moment"

After some time, the doorbell rang. My heart skipped a beat! I opened my bedroom door slightly and began peeping through it. It was him! My Mom Dad welcomed him and they started talking formally. Mom had already told me that when he comes, I had to serve him some tea and snacks. I did the same. Soon he asked for permission to leave and we left.


We both were sitting silently in the car, throwing silent glances at each other, sometimes smiling, but neither of us spoke a word. I didnt even know where we were going. Finally he broke the silence,

"You're looking beautiful."

I could just mutter a "Thanks" and immediately looked down, nervous as hell, not knowing what to say.

"Ermmm... Can I say something?" I asked as we started passing some familiar localities. I knew there was a small but beautiful temple there so I thought of taking blessings of God before the start of our new life.

His face lit up when I said this"Sure!"

We talked for some more time about random stuff like college, hobbies, movies and so on... I then gave him the gift that I had got for him, with my hands almost trembling out of nervousness. He looked surprised, but a smile was forming on his face

"What is this for?"

"Ermmm.. Nothing much. You can say its a 'New Beginnings gift'".

He looked happy about my answer and the gift. Soon, we reached the temple, of Shri Radhe Krishna. We sat for some time there and then left.

He then took me to a beach. 'Perfect place', i thought to myself. The sun is just about to set and what could be more romantic than a walk in the sand, with your love!

"Lets go in the water". I said. He was looking a bit reluctant at first, but then agreed. Maybe he didnt want to disappoint me.

We were walking so close that His fingers were just millimeters away from mine, and this was sending chills down my spine.

"So you like beaches haa"

Me: "Yes.. very much. But how did you figure out that".

Him: "That was an easy guess. You are looking so happy since we've come here"

Me: "Ya.. I just love beaches. Specially sunset time. It feels like a ball of fire is melting in the cold and deep waters, right in front your eyes. Its so Beautiful. You know what, me and my friends used to bunk college and come straight here. We used to have so much fun. So many memories are attached to this place. We used sit there and then......."

Suddenly, something happened and my heart skipped a beat. Our fingers that were at a safe distance before, were now intervened within each other. His touch was so so magical that I almost forgot what I was saying. I looked at him and found his eyes were also focussed on mine. I was lost, rather, we were lost.. in each other.

The rest of the evening passed in what seemed like a flash. We finished the dinner and soon it was time for him to drop me home.

We reached the car when he suddenly said, "Riya, just wait in the car for 2 minutes. I'll just be back". And he handed me the keys. I wonder where he went all of a sudden. But there wasnt much I could about it, so I did as he said.

After some time, he came back with something in his hand. Wooow.. Its a box of chocolates. And that too FERERRO ROCHER - My favourite!

"This for you" He says, giving me the box. We then set off for home.


*Pratik's POV*


'Mom was right! Riya is a really nice girl'. I thought to myself after dropping Riya home. But somewhere deep in my heart, I was still reluctant to accept her as my life partner. Because somewhere, I am still hoping that my love, my Tamanna comes back to me.


Tamanna was my love since the last 4 years. She was my classmate in college, and slowly our friendship turned to love. We were a star couple in the college. Everyone knew about us. We even had made plans of our marriage. Life seemed so perfect with her. But as they say, all good things come to an end... so did my relationship with Tamanna. We had a huge fight on Valentines day 2 years back and since then, we havent talked to each other. I tried calling her many times, but in vain. I still wanted to wait for her, hoping that she would come back to me one day.


I had rejected all the girls proposals that my mom used to bring to me every now and then. But this time, both mom and dad were determined that Riya is the perfect girl for me. I couldnt even tell them about Tamanna as that wouldnt be of any use now. So finally I gave up and got engaged.

My date with Riya today was more of a formality for me, I had to do it as I am now engaged to her. But it was quite the opposite for her. She seemed to be really happy. She even got me a gift, a gesture I really loved. But regretted that I went empty handed. Before dropping her home, I managed to bring her a box of chocolates, to which, she seemed more happy than ever.


Riya was trying to give her 100% to our relationship, but I... I was sort of cheating on her by not telling her about my past. I wanted to tell her, but just could not gather up the courage to do so. And this thought.. haunted me for the whole night.

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