Emily Brönte

An english assignment about, Emily Brönte.


1. Emily

I was walking in the autumn weather, it was cold, but not too cold. I had my favourite jacket and shoes on, I was meeting a man, my childhood friend, that I'd known my whole life. I have always had some feelings for him, and I knew that he had the same feelings for me. While I walked in the middle of a woodland, I started to composing a poem.

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers,
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree. 

I would write the last part when I came home, I said the Poem out loud again and again. Of course I had to sign it Ellis Bell, but it didn't mater, as long as I knew that I wrote it. A hand grab me from behind "when did you make that poem?" My childhood friend named Charlie said, I turned around to see him in his eyes. "I just composed it, why do you ask?" I looked surprised, "because I like it, and I like the one who wrote it" he said. "Do you?" I answered, "I wonder who that is, I hope she deserves your love!" I said strictly. "She does" he said gently. I stretch myself so that I could reach his mouth, and kissed him with all the love that I've ever had inside of me. I never felt so happy before in my entire life. I pulled me away from him, "what do you think of Ellis Bell's poems?" I asked him, it would be nice if my future husband knew all sides of me, no one else knew it, except my sisters, that had their own poet names too: Charlotte was Currer Bell, and Anne was Acton Bell. It was exciting, that no one knew that side of us. Of course my friends knew that I loved to write poems and stories, and not even the secret side of me could take that desire to write and tell stories. "Why do you keep asking about that, I've said that I like his poems" he said annoyed. " Because I have something to tell you... I am Ellis Bell" I said. I was nervous to see his reaction, he was in shock I could see. He started to walk the different way that I was standing in, "Stay away from me from now on!" He jelled, and I looked at him while he was walking away from me, with all my love.

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