This is just a project for English class and I couldn't get it to e-mail so...it's now a movella :) If you guys want me to make one like it as a actual longer movella I'd be happy to.


1. Voices

An eerie darkness had settled around the Montgomery Asylum, as it does every night. The large metal gates were shut, locked, and the electricity in them turned on sending a horrible shock to anyone who dared touch it. This might seem a little unusual for an old run down mental as​ylum​ but this place wasn't like the rest. Even back in it's day it had a certain feel to it, as if something was never right, as if something was about to happen constantly everyone would be on guard waiting for something terrble to take place.

One day, it did just that. It was the bright sunny day of June 22 1985 all of the residents of the Montgomery Asylum were outside enjoying the weather that never really came to the asylum, as if it were afraid also. There was only one resident of the asylum who had stayed inside, resident number 709, stayed in room 300. He was always in that room, talking to the voice inside his head. "What if I told you I hate you?" The voice whispers. "I-I don't know. You're my only friend. I-I have nothing. I-I am nothing without you." The man stuttered out.

"So make me love you again." The voices whisper was hushed even though the man was the only one who could hear it. "I-I'll do anything just please forgive me!" The man cries out. "This place is worthless. So is everyone in here! They give us numbers like we're garbage, dirt under their precious feet! I'm tired of it. Tonight when the clock strikes three you will go out of your room, and kill everybody." The voice commands. The man gasps in horror, for he had never thought of killing anyone. "B-but I-I can't. I can't even leave my room without breaking down." The voice growls angrily. "Fine then! I will leave!" "No please! I-I'll do it!" The man's eyes start to water.

"Your a pathetic baby. You'll do this. I'll make you." The voice growls. It soon became dark and everyone was brought in and put in their rooms. The clock was ticking, ticking to midnight when everything everyone feared. Would happen. The clocks ticks drove the man to tears but he quickly wiped them so he wouldn't get yelled at by the voice again. The clock struck ten. Bedtime. Then eleven. Then, finally the clock struck twelve. "Ring, ring, ring here comes your end." The voice laughs.

The man shakes in fear. "I-I can't d-do it." He whimpers. The voice growls. "You will do this. Or I am." Suddenly the man's eyes turn a blood red and he falls to his knees screaming in pain as voice takes over his body. A nurse runs in and to the man's side. "Are you alright?" She asks frantically. The man chuckles dark and looks up at her with his frightening eyes. "I'm quiet alright dear but I'm afraid your not." He takes a syringe from her pocket and plunges it into the front of her neck. Her body falls to the floor and shakes, then goes completely still. "To easy." The man laughs.

He walks out of the room and into the room next to him were a woman lays fast asleep in her bed. He pulls a pillow from a chair and presses it to her face. She screams and thrashes around but it's no use. Her body goes still under his arms and he smiles removing the pillow and walking out. A guard shots at the man in the leg. The man falls to the floor but stands back up. The hole is gone and there's no blood. "You really think that's going to stop me?" He laughs again. He walks up to the guard who is now frozen in fear and snatches his gun shooting the guard in the head.

"I'm not a sorry human like you." He walks out of the front doors of the asylum shooting everyone he passes. He walks into the woods. At one in the morning his eyes change back to their normal blue. "W-what happened?" The man whispers looking at himself covered in blood and out of his room. "We did it. Well I did but I'll let you take the credit. After all, I am just a voice in your head." The voice laughs. The man screams in horror at what he had done. He sees the shiny metal of the gun reflecting in the moonlight and picks it up. With a single bullet to the head his body falls to the forest ground with a crutch of leaves, but the voice didn't die he remains in those woods finding stupid teenagers and kids who dare come on there after the darkness has fallen. With his same old saying, every stroke of midnight. "Ring ring ring, here comes your end"

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