This is a poem that I am hoping to perform. At the moment, it's very much unfinished but I urge you to give me any feedback, suggestions and be as truthful as you can.
It's about following your dreams and never giving up.


1. Shine


According to my statistics and my date of birth,

from the records of my generations, they thought they knew what I was worth.

I was just a human, five letters, one word;

just another grey face in the grey world of work

but I told them I was more than that.


They tried to dull the hunger, potential and sparkle in my eyes

society tried cram my mouth with its sour judgements and lies

then it lead me to this path:


It goes round in a circle of

get up, eat, work, eat, sleep,

early mornings, sickness, daytime TV.

Boredom, loss and desperation

Eastenders and Location, Location

jammed on repeat.

It coaxes you back into the sofa,

inviting you softly in to a lie of comfort

of boredom, monotony, a life whipped from underneath your feet

infecting you with the greatest diseases,

of regret and disbelief.


Does this sound good to you?

Can you spend your life like this?

I know that I cannot so


Decide on life, decide the right path, decide not to fade in

Decide to shine, to glitter, to be the outlier on the page

decide to do what you love and most of all, be someone

and do something spectacular with your life.


My fingers traced the stars at night,

as I re-drew my fate.

And now when I look at the moonlit sky,

I still follow the lines this day.

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