The Devil's eyes

John crawls through the claustraphobic tunnels and notices Max. His eyes are pure black. Gruesome. But they make way for the true unveiling of who he is.
No light. All fear.
Yet, he waited. And watched. And listened.


1. Those eyes.

John always hated tunnels, especially this one. The dark, claustrophobic, seemingly never-ending tunnel which he had to crawl through seemed to humiliate him. He was always one to push himself, he would leap of a cliff if you dared him to, but tunnels, they were his weakness.

He crawled through as the tunnel seemed to become narrower and narrower, following the person in front of him. The light at the front was very dim, as was the light coming from behind him. It was going out. The only thing that could add to his hatred of tunnels. No light.

Suddenly, the light behind him dropped as Kate screamed. John’s head whipped round to see what the trouble was, getting ready to comfort her but she wasn’t there. She had vanished. He could see Max who looked… hazy, unsure of what he had just seen.

John looked at Max, Max stared right back. The light faded as the rest of the group continued to go through the tunnel. The stream of water’s speed increased as John’s fear increased. After what seemed to be an age, John realised they were alone and finally managed to ask the question he needed to ask.

“D-do you know wha-what happened t-to Kate?” his nerves got the better of him as he asked it.

Max looked up from the ground as if he just realised John was there. He didn’t say anything but pointed to the spike which was embedded into the floor in the exact spot Kate was just in, but there was no body, no blood, no sign of where she could have gone to. Just the spike and the torch.

John wanted to ask more of what happened when he realised that Max’s eyes were pure black. Not only the pupil, or the iris, but even the whites of his eyes were black as night. John wondered if they were real or if they were just contacts. But why would he want to fake them, what would he gain out of it? His eyes were the exact colour of darkness, the same as the tunnel. If the light went out there would be no telling where Max could be.

As he watched John stare, Max laughed. That evil, disgusting, gruesome laugh that sends shivers down your spine. The one that makes you feel terrified and gives you the desire to run away. But John was frozen in place. He watched and listened obediently as Max continued laughing and seemed like he could continue forever. Max’s eyes rested on John. Those eyes felt like they were ripping the very essence of him out, leaving him soulless. That’s exactly what they were. Soulless.

John watched as Max’s eyes turned a scarlet red starting as the corners and heading their way in. The evil, satisfied, grotesque grin appeared on Max’s face so naturally, as if he had done it a hundred times before. The light went out, leaving those luminous scarlet eyes from the Devil. 

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