Halloween comp entry

This is my entry to the Halloween comp. This is actually the prologue to another one of my storys, but I decided to change it slightly and use it for the comp.


1. chapter 1

Halloween. The night of trick or treating.

Which also happened to coincide, this year, with a lunar eclipse.  The day had turned to night, and darkness prevailed.  A girl was out going around the town with her friend, and they were trick or treating. They were a little old now, but didn’t care. They just needed some fun. At the time, they were passing through an empty field, talking about nothing in particular. Suddenly, out of nowhere, her best friend interrupted her.

“I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.”

 In the dark, she turned and stared, looking into the once deep brown eyes of her best friend. She scrambled backwards, watching in horror as he mutated. His eyes, they changed. One was a frightening mix of human and beast, with such emotion. The other became black.

Black as the sky above.

As her friend changed, she could do nothing, neither run nor turn away. Her friend rose again, but not as before. He was a beast.

A creature. A horror beyond all others. With the eye of her best friend.

His beastly eyes stared at her in the way she was staring at him. Soul piercingly. Suddenly she broke out of her paralysed state and took a shaky step back. A moment later the creature raised its head; it howled almost joyously at the moon, yet at the same you could hear the joylessness infecting the howl. At that moment, she broke into a run, terrified of her best friend. The beast.

As she ran, her blue hair streamed out behind her, however in the dark it seemed to match the shade of the dark night sky. Black. She ran, unable to look back, unable to stop. For fear of her best friend.

She shot through the winding and twisting alleys as she knew them like the dark of her hand. In the day. At night, well that was a different story. Even she could not navigate them correctly forever in the pitch black that was covering the town. And she went wrong.


She scrambled up, trying desperately to get over the giant wall that loomed in front of her. It was a dead end.

She could hear the thump of the beasts feet getting closer, getting louder. Not a moment later, she could see the shadow of the beast, due to the moon coming out. Like it came out just to witness this. To help the beast on its way.

The devil like horns on its forehead stood out along with the gleaming white fangs that resided inside the mouth of the beast. She shrunk back into the furthest corner of the alley, willing the beast away. But nothing helped.

 Slowly it advanced, taunting her with hope, hope of escape, hope of surviving. But that would never happen. It crept up, getting closer with every second that ticked by. She cowered in fear. It reached out and grabbed her, forcing her to stand. It released her, and silence fell.

Only to be broken. By a cough.

The beast, her bestie, stood still, not reacting to anything. You could see in its eyes. The war going on inside. Joy, regret, despair, happiness. So much happiness, yet the contrasting sadness was also visible, fighting to be known.

 As she stared into it eyes, that is what she could see. Suddenly, she coughed again, causing her body to jerk forward slightly. The beast took a hesitant step back. It was almost obvious that it was going against everything. Everything it stood for. Everything it wanted to do. Then it turned and fled. She stood there, wondering what was going on, when she collapsed.


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