We'll Find Each Other

Sophie and Joe are really happy together until a civil war breaks out in their country. Sophie and her family are forced to flee leaving Joe behind. Will they find each other again?


1. Chapter 1

The phone woke me up, ringing as loudly as it could. I sighed and rolled over in bed, reaching over to my bedside table to get the phone. I found it and held it to my ear. "Hello?" I asked.

"Hey, babe," I heard a gorgeous voice reply from the other end. "Morning,"

"Morning, Joe," I replied, now wide awake. "What's up?"

"Nothing, I just thought I'd make sure we were still on for tonight," he asked.

"Yes, 7.00 pm tonight, can't wait. Listen I have to go, I'll see you then."

"OK, bye love you," he said.

"Love you too, bye," I replied and hung up. I loved it when he called me. He was probably the best boyfriend I could wish for. Anyway enough daydreaming.

I made my way downstairs where my mum was cooking breakfast. She was making chocolate chip pancakes, my favourite. She gave me a plate and I attacked it hungrily. I was starving.

"Hey, mum, mind if I put the TV on?" I asked and she nodded walking out to go get my little brother. I switched on the TV to find something good to watch. The news channel flashed up and my eyes widened. They were doing a report on a civil war that broke out last night. This was bad news.

"Mum, you might want to see this," I called out and she returned with my brother, Ryan. When she saw the news, she went pale white. "Sophie, go pack a bag of stuff we need, I'll get Ryan ready, we need to get out of here," she told us. I immediately did as I was told. I knew we had to leave or my mother would be taken away and me and Ryan would be taken hostage. That couldn't happen. I packed a bag and ran downstairs where my mother was waiting with Ryan. "Come on, we need to leave now," she said.

"Wait, I have to say goodbye to Joe," I protested.

"We don't have time for that," my mother replied. I was about to protest but she stopped me. I knew I could put my family at risk and I didn't want that, so we fled out the door and made our escape.

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