The Curse of The Pumpkin

*For the Trick or Treat comp*
Tonight's the night, the day I wait for, I dream of, I believe in. It's not like Christmas, where some of it's made up, and it's not like your birthday where you don't do anything.
This is Halloween.


1. Costume Time

Tonight was the night, the day I waited for, I dreamt of, I believed in. It's not like Christmas, where some of it's made up, and it's not like your birthday where you don't do anything special, anything real, anything exciting.

This was Halloween.

I didn't feel like doing anything earlier, because last year was the last year.

My favourite day of the year before I went trick or treating, my most dreaded day after. You may wonder how one night of trick or treating can change your opinion of Halloween, forever. Just like it did to me.

It all started when mum asked me, "Jazzy, do you want Ruby and Chloe over, so then you three can go trick or treating. You know how much it hurts my back."

"Ok, I'll text them," I replied.

A few minutes later I got two replies from them-yes and yes. I know a 12 year old should've grown out of trick or treating ages ago, but I still love it, and I know that Ruby and Chloe do too.

I went up to my room and got changed into my devil costume. It was a red and black strapless dress, with black leggings and red legwarmers. I wore a black head band with red devil horns attached to it, keeping my long, blonde hair away from my face. Cute black shoes were on my feet, but I didn't want to be cute; I wanted to be fierce, so I added some red eye shadow, black lipstick and black eyeliner.

As soon as I'd just about finished applying my make up, I heard the door bell ring. I knew it wasn't trick or treaters, I knew that it was Chloe and Ruby.

I opened the door, and wasn't disappointed. Merrily I hugged them, taking a look at their outfits first.

Chloe was a witch. She wore a witch dress, with a pointy black cap and a broomstick.

Ruby, on the other hand, was a cat, who was wearing a little cat onesie, with cats ears on a hair band. She had drawn her whiskers on in black eyeliner.

"Guys, your costumes are amazing," I told them, although secretly I preferred Ruby's costume. I try not to have favourites (especially concerning my best friends) but anyway, back to the story.

"Thanks," Ruby replied.

"We absolutely adore yours too," Chloe said, speaking for Ruby, who nodded her head very enthusiastically.

"Well girlfriends, what are you waiting for? Let's go trick or treating! Bye mum, have fun giving sweets out to little kids," I called out, hoping she heard. Then I realised that I had kind of called me and my friends, Little Kids, but oh well.




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