Haunted mansion of terror

Jimmy gets pranked by his friends into a haunted mansion. He decided to investigate the mansion because he wants to meet ghosts, witches or zombies just anything spooky. All it is is terror in every room! Unfortunately he can't find his way out! Will he get out?


1. Big-Headed Jimmy

Some times they talked about being in a real live mansion, which was haunted. Jimmy said he wouldn't be scared. His friends pretended that they believed him, but really, they didn't think that he had it in him. 

Jimmy didn't know that his gang weren't faithful, so he carried on showing off. It really got to his head and he thought he was some kind of super hero or something.

Whenever they played the game, Jimmy boasted his butt off.

Soon his Mum started to realize how big-headed her son was becoming. He kept showing off so constantly that his Mum had had enough. 

"Jimmy, no-one believes in you. You've really become quite a super hero now, haven't you. Do you want me to curtsy every time a speak to you? Do you want me to be your slave? What do you want Jimmy? After all, you are the king aren't you?" His mum was fuming with anger. Jimmy was expecting to see smoke coming out of her ears like a volcano

His mum decided to punish him so badly that he had to live outside for 2 days.

All of a sudden he saw his friends walking up the street. They asked why he was on the street. He explained to his friends, who clearly weren't bothered, as they walked away afterwards.


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