Life in the jungle

I lived at home with my unbearable parents. I had had enough. I couldn't stand living with them any more. I am an animal lover. Why didn't they understand that? When I was little i had seen animals in the zoo. It was a bit like a jungle.
I wanted to escape, live life with freedom.


1. Before the jungle

One ordinary day I had had enough! My unbearable parents were disgusting! Their behaviour and attitude towards me was appalling! I got in from school and they started shouting! I felt embarrassed when my friends came round because they used such loud voices when they spoke. Also, they argued frequently.

One day I came home from school. My Mum asked me,

 "How was school?" I replied in a quiet voice and said,


She glared at me unusually,

"I'm afraid we sold Bob."

How could she sell my cat, "But he was my best friend!"

"Well you should have friends already at school! I'm surprised you don't have any! What a loner!"

You see she was born MEAN! I got so annoyed I thought I needed a new family, a new life, a new house.

I had a genius idea!

As quick as a flash I accelerated with speed to zoom up the stairs. Then I slowed down as I got into my room. I looked around and grabbed items, shoving them into a bag.

My Bag: 

Food (Sweets)








Teddy bear






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