The Untold Story

One Direction is now known as the group with infectious tunes. But take a trip back to freshman year of high school. With abusive relationships, drinking, affairs, and deaths, follow Lindsay Prescott through the trials and tribulations of high school with the band and friends. Through the eyes of a typical teen girl, Lindsay exposes to us the the untold stories of 1D that not even the press could do.


32. The Second Niall

After some struggling, we tugged Niall's sweatshirt over his head and threw it on Logan, covering his body that once had a shirt to cover it. Niall argued, swinging punches in a disoriented fashion at the air.

"Lindsay, please! Don't strip me in public!" and "Hey kid," to Logan, "how's about we see who's sexier!" popped out of his mouth, laughing hysterically.

Finally reaching the door, Logan and I lifted Niall up and through the window to the best of our abilities.

"Hey now! I may be wasted, but I can lift my own damn body!" Niall slapped us away, tugging his sleeves above his shoulders and flexing. For a brief moment, I felt a pang of guilt of looking. Then I remembered- this bumbling, intoxicated idiot is my botfriend. This is Niall, the one I lost my virginity to. He was the one who ran with me in the bathing suit store. The one who joked with me and kissed me and handed me my pencil and called my eyes sparkly. Then I remembered- this isn't Niall. This is the Niall I left at the beach. The one who beat Alan to the point of bleeding and hospital bed ridden... His death bed. I was in love with the Niall that said nice things and made kind gestures. But this Niall- this is the one that I'll never forget. The one I hate.

Eventually, Niall gave up on climbing through the low window. His feet gave way to the mud, slipping and falling. "Haha, did you see that Hailey? I fell on my ass!" Niall stopped, sitting face down in the mud giggling, rolling around. Who was Emily?

Without question, Logan and I again lifted Niall up, throwing him into the window with a bang. Inside, a few students shuffled in their chairs, staring with gaping eyes at the drunk kid rolling on the floor.

"Listen, Logan, about what happened back there... I didn't want you to help for a reason," I stood in the rain, listening to the tin roof take the downpour of droplets, like a melody.

"I know. Alan. He blames himself for that, imagine what he'd do to scum like me,"

Hearing him say this on the first day, I would perhaps take that as an apology for his behavior. Today, this only looked to me as a hurting heart.

"Logan, you aren't scum," I said, stuffing my hand inadvertently in my back pocket, forcing myself to not lay a finger on him. Rain collided with the top of his head, causing droplets of water to fly throughout his long brown hair, cascading to the mud below us.

"Linsay, don't lie to me. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothing. Attitude, sarcasm, no one likes me. And sorry, but I don't need a little, do-good freshman girl to tell me I'm not,"

I was stunned by his comment, and that's when it hit me that Logan was a Junior.

But when his hands grasped my hips, I took a shot. I leaned in, wrapping my arms around him outside the window on that rainy day that will go down in history. I slipped my arms up his back and to his tattoos that I knew where there. Tracing every line and dot, I buried my head in the crook of his chest and arm; not because it was warm, but because it was romantic. It was sensual, in a way,  that made Logan's hug mean more to me than Nialls' ever did.

     Logan ran his hands up to my back, supporting me from falling. Falling in love. They made me seem... weightless.

     "Ya know, I'd hate to pass up the moment to hug an angel for eternity, but we've got to get you out of this cold before your little wings freezes your warm, kind heart," Logan whispered, making me laugh a little, cry a little, and wipe away the tears.

     He pulled apart, again setting his hands on my hips lifting me through the window with my back to the room. Behind me, I heard Niall sputter something.

     Feeling my feet hit the carpet, I was reminded of where we were. My weightlessness left, and Logan climbed in behind me. We turned around...


     Before us, Aj was standing, clothes ripped in various places, makeup smeared and eyeliner running. The other side, Niall, drunk and spinning around in circles singing a nursery rhyme. Between them? The principal and Mr. Browning, holding the intoxicated Niall and battered Aj on either side. His serious face was cast, looking the muddy Logan and I up and down, inspecting us for germs. His eyes narrowed, and five words split the air that Logan once had lightened. 

     "Lindsay, we need to talk," 



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