Impossible-Liam Payne

Daiana is a normal 19 years old girl who started the college.She's living her dream studying journalism but her plans are interrupt when she interview five boys. One of them just don't get out of her head,and what she doesn't imagine is that this boy feel the same for her...But this love seems impossible.


1. Chapter 1

I just can't believe I forgot to turn on my alarm, now I'm late AGAIN!My professor will kill me, literally.

Camille is not here,because her freaking boyfriend pick her to her ballet class.

This is so stressing.I know life is not easy but today is too difficult,I'm already with a headache.

Sorry,I'm so busy that I forgot to present myself. My name is Daiana,I have 19 years old.Camille is my best friend and she have 19 years old too,we share a room,we're in the journalism university.

Coming back to the present,I run to my bathroom no I don't have to share my bathroom with other persons,just Camille.I just brush my teeth because I don't have time to shower and put my jeans,a black t-shirt and my gray sweater.I pick my bag and put my phone and made my way to my scooter.I'll be in the campus in fifteen minutes,and I'll be late.Good way to start the week,I hate Mondays.

When I arrive I slowly opened my classroom door doing my best to don't make noise,I sat silently in the end of the room.Lucky my professor was writing on the board.

"Mrs.Petersen why you're late?"-He asked turning around the second I sit down.He's not a human,I made no noise an he notice me.

"I asked you a question"-He said and I fake smile.

"Sorry Mr.Robert I had some problems"-I said opening my book.

"I hope this don't happen again Mrs.Petersen"-He said and start to write in the board again.I roll my eyes and start to copy.I really hate this old elephant that everybody calls professor.Why I call him elephant?He's fat,have grey hair,big ears and he's old!Like an elephant,but elephants are cooler than him.

Anyway after the classes I walked to Starbucks,I'm starving.

*Come to Starbucks pls,I'm here*

I send to Camille and she quickly reply me. Fifteen minutes later she arrived.

"I already order yours"-I said when she sit in front of me.

"Thanks.I have good news,AWESOME NEWS"- She said loud and I roll my eyes.Jennifer,a girl who Camille hates,is sitting in a table near to us.

"Tell me!"-I said and chuckle.

"Well professor elephant gave us some homework"-She said smiling.

"And...This is not something good!"-I said confuse.

"Of corse it is!Our homework is interview ONE DIRECTION OMG IM NOT OKAY!"-She said and I laugh.

"One who?"-I asked.

"Don't say one who!This is not Doctor Who!Its the world famous boyband!"-She said in a 'duh' tone.

"Beatles changed their name?"-I said trying to understand.

"Of corse not!Did you ever saw the posters in my wall?!?"-She asked angry.

"Yea,five cute boys but I don't know who they're"

"They're One Direction!You don't have life?"

"Okay sorry,we'll interview them?"

"YES OH.MY.GOD YES"-She said and we both laugh.


"Three weeks,they'll make a show here"

"Fine I'll have time to learn something about them"-I said and roll my eyes,this boys have sixteen years old they don't have nothing in their lives.

"I know everything about them!I know their blood type!"-She said and I laugh.She's crazy.Our frapuccinos arrived and we started to talk about other things.This will be crazy...

>Next Day<

"WAKE UP YOUR LAZY BUTT"-Camille scream in my ear and I throw a pillow on her,she laugh.

"I really hate you"

"No you love me so damn much"-She said and laugh.I stand up and walk to the bathroom.Today is Tuesday I can't believe!Why I always forget about everything?I have to arrive early or professor elephant will kill me.I took a quickly shower and put my long purple dress with a white cardigan and light make up.

"I have to go or elephant will kill me"-I said picking something to eat,yesterday I was so hungry I won't make the same mistake.

"He would kill you if he discover we call him elephant"-She said and we laugh.

"Bye see you later"-I said leaving

I drive faster than usual to the building so I was the first one to arrive.Good.

"Good morning Mr.elep-Robert"-I said fake smiling.

"Good you learned the lesson Mrs.Petersen.Take a sit and start to copy"-He said don't looking at me.Why he's so rude?

"Sorry for bother you professor but you gave to Camille and I a work right?"-I asked before I sit in my usual place in the fourth row.

"Yes,interview a band that's coming,the chancellor daughter is a fan and she wanted a interview so I indicate you and Mrs.Phillips to do it"-He said sitting on his chair.

"Okay but why you choose me?"-The words fall out of my mouth.

"Because you're one of my bests students,you're rebel but I can see in your eyes you want this, you love what you choose to do the rest of your life"-He said planning his glasses on the table.

"T-thank you"-I said and the students started to arrive.Today Camille come to the class and her idiot boyfriend will take her to a dinner in a fancy restaurant.No I'm not jealous,I just don't like him, he don't seem a nice person.I don't know is just a sixth sense...

"Hey"-Camille whisper sitting next to me.

"Hi"-I said and open my book.

"Good morning,let's start the class"-Elephant said.He said I'm one of the bests an I appreciate this but he still be annoying,mean and looks like an elephant!

"This will be a long morning"-Camille said yawning.

"I know"-I said putting my hand in my cheek. Ready to sleep.


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