Is it real

For LeAnn its always a bumpy start,for everything! She's used to good grades,,and a good life.Until one,fortunate mistake happens.Or is it a mistake?



1. The Basics

It all started the day I was born,of course I hadn't remember the first thing about my younger years.But my older years,ha it was only the beginning!"LeAnn,wake up.You're gonna be late for your first day of high school."Mother quickly rips off my blankets,revealing me in my shorts and tank top.High school!I had always rememberd how I couldn't wait,now I wanna be in elementary school."LeAnn!Sissy,wake up!You have too drive me to school!",my younger sister had stoped at my door frame.Yes,I can drive.I am suppose to be in 10th grade,and no im not dumb.I started late,they wouldn't accept me.They thought I,LeAnn was stupid.I showed them,the lowest grade I had ever gotten on any report card was a 93.Oh yeah this girl is smart!"Im not kidding LeAnn,its time to get up!"Mother flickers my lights on and off."Geeze,im up okay,chill."I say jumping up,grabbing my phone.I have 4 messages,okay I get good grades.Doesn't mean im  that lame,I do hang out with some popular kids.I just don't act like them,ya know?I act unique,but not too unique.The first message is from Jeramy,he thinks I like him.Now he's a nerd,:



*Hey,wanna come to my place after school.You'll have too drive yourself though!

Okay,im good.He lives far from the school and my house,thats why he rides the bus.The next one is from Shy,she is popular,well close to that category.



Hey boo,nails are getting done at my place.Come!

Okay,maybe.I need my nails.The next message is from Zach,I messaged him last night.I like him,I don't know if he likes me.He normally likes the actual popular girls.



Hey,what's up.Are you going to the party next weekend?Ill be there,you should check it out!

Okay,thats DEFINATLY gonna happen.He's tottaly hot.Wait I just received a message,

From:Unknown number


Hello,you don't know me but I got your number from the princible.I am knew in school,wondering if you could show me around.We have some of the same classes together!BTW my name is Harry Styles!Im looking forward to a yes,message me or call me before 8 'oclock,thanks in advance.

Wow,he seems legit about things,I outta call him when I get in my truck.I get up and plug my phone in,"LeAnn your sister has to be to school in 20 minutes!Come on!"Mother shouts.I groan,I go into my closet and pull out my pants drawyer first my parents wernt okay with skinny jeans until I  protested eventually  they give  in,I slip on my skinny jeans.An they're rather tight,but I can manage.Then  I pull out my shirt drawyer and take out a guy Harvey shirt.Then I slip on my flat boots and grab my phone,and car keys.Then I head to my truck where my sister was waiting."What about your hair?"Hannah asks.I run inside and fix it,then come back.

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