Funny Snipits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if any if these scenarios were to happen? Well, I HAVE!!!! So, what did I do? I WROTE THIS LOVELY LITTLE BOOK!!!;) Lol! BUT! If any of you recognize some characters from another fanfiction, they're from my sister's. She is Raven of the Toc'ra and she has given me permission to use them:)

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. Shoot To Thrill


I was sitting on the couch, blasting my music from my phone and was signing along to it. The song just so happened to be "Shoot to Thrill" by one of my all time favorite bands; ACDC.

And I was renacting the part in the movie The Avengers when Iron Man comes in while playing this very song to fight against Loki.

Unbeknownst to me, the aforementioned men walked in with my sister, Luna.

"Ummm... Tammy, are you okay?" Luna asked as she looked on at me sister as I made a compete fool of myself.

"Uuuhhhhhh... Hi guys?" I said as I stopped in the middle of belching out "SHOOT TO THRILL!! PLAY TO KILL!!"

Loki looked at me, disgruntled. "Did you just scream out: 'Die Loki!! You puny god!!'"

Luna was now on the ground literally rolling around laughing her butt off.


"And did you just scream: 'I AM IRON MAN!!' out too?" Iron Man asked with a smirk.

"Ummm...." I was now completely purple with embarrassment. Because I was in my Frost Giant form. It was my favorite form to be in. And then I did something extremely....ME.

Jumping up on the couch, I screeched out, "YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!!!" Then, waving my arms around crazily, I tried--key word is TRIED--to do a death roll backwards off the couch. And only ended up upside down on the couch with my dress clutched between my legs to keep it from falling down to my face while I was upside down.

This lead to the entirety of my company to be on the floor with Luna laughing their butts off.

I crossed my arms and pouted. "Just don't tell Clint any of what just happened!" I exclaimed.

"Don't tell Clint what?" Clint asked as he walked in to see me--his girlfriend--upside down, purple, and extremely embarrassed. He was smirking as he took in the entire scene.

"Did they catch you screaming out to Shoot To Thrill?" He asked with a knowing grin.

"Shut up." I snapped.

"So they did... Did Tony joi-- never mind. He's flying around singing it now."

And so he was, the great, powerful, and rich Tony Stark was flying around in his Iron Man suit with the helmet off as he sang to "Shoot to Thrill" as well.

This should go without saying, but I joined him and so, Luna took out her phone and was video taping it while telling Clint and Loki through mind speech that she was uploading it to YouTube and Facebook tonight and tagging me in it. I obviously didn't find out until later that night when I saw it.

That night was indeed a night to remember after I was done attacking Loki and Luna and Clint. But, mostly Loki.

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