No One Knows

Niall Horan gets a fake girlfriend Shi none knows that she is his fake girlfriend besides the boys, managmernt and Niall. Shi has deep dark secrets that she has never shared with anyone... Will Niall discover those secrets and fall in love with her.. Or will Shi find out that he never loved her and it was all a game


1. Broken Girl- Shi's Point of veiw

    You see that girl right there is me. I have plan boring brown eyes and brown and red  ombre hair. I'm really skinny and small and boney. I work at Starbucks. I live alone, it gets quiet a lot but i like the quiet no one can bug me. What I wear is usually long selves and skinny jeans with my blue converse. Boring clothes right? Well the truth is I don't like people seeing my skin or me so I try to hid my body as much as possible. I like all types of music but what i mostly listen too is Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Macklemore, Little Mix, One Direction, Eminem and more.. Oh your probably wondering what my name is well my name describes me perfectly. Hi my name is Shi.

 Work is boring but I love the smell of coffee most of the time I usually spend my time here I don't like being by myself because my demons come out. I hate talking to people, but I love the people at Starbucks their really nice in the morning and sweet. Usually I know some of the people because we have regulars  But today as I was walking I saw a bunch of girls surrounding   Starbucks which isn't open usually this early I get there before anyone and start setting up the coffee machine but I guess not today. I try pushing my way through the crowd of girls when I got whacked in the head by someones elbow. I put my hand up to where she hit me and felt something liquidy I took my hand off where she hit me and looked at my hand to see red. MY hand was now covered in blood I stood up and everything looked a little fuzzy, but I had to get in the shop. I walked and pushed as fast I could through the crowd. Finally I got to the the door and put my key into the lock opened it and shut it and locked it as fast as I could. My head was still bleeding so I walked into the employees bathroom. I washed my face and put a band aid on the cut. I walked out and back to were I usually start setting up the coffee stuff to see five boys sitting on the floor sleeping.

"Uh hello" I squeaked out

They were still sleeping so I decide to talk a little louder.


That got them to wake up. They looked at me and outside then back to me

"How the fuck did you get in here?" one asked hmm he had a British accent weird 

I backed away scared that these men were going to hurt me before replying

"I work here." I said barley able to hear

'What the fuck did she say?"  another man asked he had a deeper voice than the first mad who spoke

"She said she works here." This man had an Irish accent and boy was it sexy as hell. As he said that I nodded and backed away more still afraid of what these men were doing here.

"Oh I'm sorry love we're scaring you aren't we?" I nodded not waiting to reply to them.

"Well no need to fear because superman is here!" one yelled. " Well actually My name is Louis, The one with the curls is Harry, Zayn is the one with the quiff, Liam is the one with brown eyes, and the blonde one is Niall."

"You guys are one direction?" I asked probably sounding stupid

"Yeah babe the one and only."

I didn't know if I was suppose to smile or something I just nodded and went to start my work the girls surrounding the coffee shop had left because I told them that One Direction wasn't here and whoever told them they were they were lying. The boys ended up staying and helping me around the shop which was pretty nice till Niall spilled coffee all over me.

"I'm so sorry."

"It's okay I have another clean shirt in the back."

Except the shirt was short sleeves and it showed my arm which had scars and fresh new cuts and bruises. When I said I live alone I meant that but sometimes my neighbor comes over and he tries to rape me but he can never do it so he just beats me up. I was nervous that people would ask questions so I debated on just wearing a dirty shirt or a short sleeve one in the end I realized that my scars will always be their so It was time to face peoples reaction. Once I was changed I walked out and  went back to working. The boys looked at my arms then at me and shook their heads they looked disappointed but how could they be disappointed in me they barley know me they don't know what has all happened to me. I just look down and I felt the tears coming because I was a terrible person and deserved to die all those feeling were held on too so I needed to act out on them and cut . Cut the pain away but I couldn't I was at work so I decided to close the shop early and leave but the boys had totally planned something different for my night,

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