Left Alone

Can you be sure you will find what you are looking for? Can emotions be true and can a vampire love you? Join us for an adventure!


1. Introduction

Throughout my childhood I was told about magical creatures, about vampires and werewolves. It was further known that my family had interest over this phenomenon, but for me it was fairy tales. I heard my grandmother talk about when she met a vampire and how he seduced her. He got her to come  to a castle and he gave her everything, but he didn't take her life. I thought it was exciting and I always listened with big ears. My mom didn't like that she scared me, but for me she was grandma, the fairy lady who could tell me everything.


It never struck me that her story was true and that she had actually been seduced by a vampire.


I lived a pretty wild life during my teenage years and during a period of my life I barely talked with Grandma. We drifted apart and I felt that she was just an old lady.


When I turned twenty years she happened out for a disease that slowly killed her. I cried many nights and blamed myself because I hadn't bothered. Grandma was just glad that I finally came back and she said that everyone are changing more or less. I just laughed at her and didn't understand what she meant. The teenage years was a change, but we all went through it!


One evening when I came to her, she took out a casket. It was no bigger than a cookie jar, but it looked like an old wooden box from long time ago. She had an old rough path key as she opened it with. To my surprise the box contained only letters. I was perhaps not disappointed, but was expecting a treasure map or gold? (I wasn't greedy, but she was a storyteller until she died!)


"Nelly!" she said to me, looking dreamily down at the letters. "This is my treasure and I want you to have these letters. On day when I'm dead I want you to read through them and create yourself an idea of ​​my life. There's a diary on the bottom and it's important, if you want to know everything! "
I looked at her in surprise.
"What do you mean?"
Grandma looked up at me with her ​​pale eyes. She smiled and sat down on the bed.
"All the stories you've been told isn't true, but some of them have actually happened. It sounds like fantasy to you, but for me it was reality one time!"  
I swallowed and didn't know how I would interpret her. She smiled weakly and closed the casket. She locked it and then stretched it over to me.
"You are the only one who will believe my story. I want you to care for it well and what you do with it is up to you!"


Three days later fell my grandmother asleep for all time. I had brought home the casket and put it in the closet. Now it was the time to add my energy to cry, to feel remorse and understanding that I would never get to meet Grandma again.


She was buried late one autumn day and the coffin was lowered into the earth. I stood there a long time and watched as they filled the hole with sand. It took some time before I realized she was actually gone!

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