Just The Interviewer

There's a lad.
There's a gal.
There's a man.
And something between all of them mixes together, and things take a wrong turn.
Meet...Harry, Pip, and Max.


1. Banana

(Cover photo is me!)


Pip's POV


I was getting ready for the next interview with Little Mix. I was sorting my blonde hair when Brian, the camera man started the countdown.


''Live in...3...2...''


''Hello, girlies, and...boys? Well, today we have a SPECIAL interview with some very...let's just say, they're amazing.'' I announced, as the girls came on stage. I smiled at all of them in turn, as the crowd went mental, clapping and cheering. The girls sat down, waving at the crowd and smiling. When they finally calmed down a little bit, I started on my interview.


''So, hey guys. How you been?'' I smiled, as they nodded.


''We're okay thank you. Bit tired, after yesterday and all.'' Jade started, shrugging.


''Oh? What have you been up to?'' I questioned, trying not to be the NOSY type of interviewer.


''Well, we went around London for a while, then kinda just hung out all day.'' Jesy chuckled. ''Oh, apart from Perrie.'' She winked, as Perrie blushed, giggling and looking down at her hands. My eyes widened jokefully, knowing what they meant.


''Zayn Malik? Wooh.'' I cheered, jumping up slightly, punching the air.


''No, not like that. We just watched a movie and played around. Nothing else.'' She protested, turning a darker shade of red. I smiled, and winked at her.


''Okay. If you say so.'' I giggled. The rest of the interview went fine, but it soon ended.


''Well, girls, it was nice meeting you.'' I shook all their hands, as they returned the favour.


''Thank you, you too.'' Both Leigh-Anne and Perrie smiled, giving each other a wierd look.


''We gotta stop doing that.'' Leigh-Anne muttered, sending the crowd in  hysterics.




Soon enough, I was pulling up my new Porche and getting out. I huffed my way to the front door. I shoved my key into the keyhole and steppins into my house, as the warm air welcomed me with a huge slap. I sighed, kicking off my heels, and waddled to the sofa. I sat down, and turned on the T.V just as Sinead, my best friend, came skippping in, eating a load of meatballs. I frowned, as she jumped on the sofa next to me.


''I shaw va inkerfooh.'' She said, while a meatball ran around her mouth. I gagged jokefully, and smiled. ''Little Mix, huh?''


''Yeah, they're cool.'' I shrugged, turning back around to face the tele. She noded, before prancing off to her room. ''SEE YA THEN.'' I called, just as her bedroom door slammed shut. I sighed, getting off the sofa.


I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana, starting to peel it. I have this weird thing though, where I peel a banana from the bottom. Crazy, I know. I took a bite of the banana as my phone started ringing.


''Hello?'' I mumbeled into the phone.


''Hey, it's Casey. Look, you have another interview tomorrow with...One Direction.'' She replied, excitedly. I nodded, but then remembered that she couldn't see me.


''Sure, bye then.'' I switched off my phone and threw it onto the counter, walkeing out and rubbing my forehead. Being an interviewer CAN be good, by meeting amazing people and just the fun of it, but it can also be bad. By all the work, and how tired it makes me. I sighed again, slowly making my way to my room.


Hey, at least it's One Direction, people I don't mind.

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