My Best Friend

Olivia and Jessica have been best friends since they were babies, they have grown up together. When they are 18 Olivia finds out she has Cancer and there is nothing the doctors can do. She tells Jessica who I determined to make sure Olivia's dreams come true. Join Olivia and Jessica on this moving journey across the world.


1. I love my life

My name is Jessica and I live with my best friend Olivia in a flat, which our parents actually brought us, but don't tell anyone. Me and Olivia have been best friends since babies, we know everything about each other and we tells each other everything. I don't know where I would be without her. She has helped me through so much and I cant thank her enough. I walked into the kitchen because I smelt something delicious and I was starving. Olivia was standing slightly leaning over the kitchen top chopping up chicken pieces. she always has been the better cook out of us, I can make a sandwich and that's probably it. she enjoys cooking so its ok. I saw something was cooking on top of the oven I walked over and had a proper look.

"So that's what I could smell!" Olivia's special chicken curry sauce it is delicious! I looked up and Olivia and my smile soon turned into a confused look. she was still chopping up chicken pieces, maybe she didn't hear me. I walked closer to her and noticed she had her headphones in. She loved her music especially Katy Perry songs. I quickly tapped her on the shoulder making her jump. I started to laugh and she pulled her headphones out.

"Jessica! I could have cut myself with the knife if I wasn't careful!" she shouted at me though she was laughing to. my laugh was contagious!

"What were you listening to?" I asked sitting on one of the high chairs at the table resting my head on my arms looking at her carry on chopping chicken, her headphones out this time.

"Katy Perry!" told you she loved her, I could tell you anything you wanted to know about her. opps, I'm repeating myself sorry, I do that sometimes.

"I thought so!" I laughed at the silly smile and twinkle in her eyes that she always has when she talks about something or someone she loves. she laughed to looking at me for a second then shaking her head and looking back down and the chicken. "what?"

"Nothing." she got a saucepan out of the cupboard above her and put it next to the chicken, she started to put the chicken on it so she could cook it. "what are we going to do tomorrow?" we had finished school and were choosing the collage we wanted to go to. the is a cause for celebration.

"Lets go to..." I thought about stroking my no existent beard making Olivia laugh. I laughed to. "Didn't someone at school saying they were having a party tomorrow?" I had a fait memory of someone showing off about their parents not being a home. Hello! We could have a party whenever we wanted, we don't leave with out parents, beat that!

"Sarah King?" I thought about it for a minute then started to nod.

"Yes that's it, she is having a party tomorrow!" I jumped off my seat and started to dance making Olivia laugh again.

"I'll go as long as you don't dance like 'that'" I put on a fake hurt look.

"Hey, those are my best dance moves." I started dancing again.

"what am I going to do with you?" that is a sentence that she says a lot. I smiled and gave her a hug. I pulled away and looked at her with my sad puppy face.

"Party tomorrow?" she nodded and gave me another hug still laughing. we stayed like this until she realised she was supposed to be cooking and moved me out of the room so she could carry on. "I see how it is!"

"ok then!" I heard her shout back. I laughed and dived onto the sofa. grabbed the remote and switched on the TV. I love my life.

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