My Competition Entries

Here are my entries for all of your competitions, I thought it would be easier to put them all under one book.
(For E.H.Weaver's competitions)


1. Comp 1- Paranormal and Supernatural: Diary of Layla

Monday 20th October 2013

Dear Diary,

I've decided that I want to keep a diary; it seems quite a cool thing to do right now, every one is doing it.

Oh yeah, I think I'm supposed to introduce myself. Well, I'm Layla Simmons, 12 and a half. I like Skate boarding and skiing and I love Halloween.

That's what's happening right now. No, not actual Halloween- my family and I are putting up the decorations, for Halloween. We're absolutely mad on it. It's our favourite season, our favourite holiday. I guess it's kinda a family tradition.

There is a reason for us liking Halloween. Not just tricking people by throwing the insides of pumpkins or water or acorns at them. Or going trick or treating and collecting loads of sweets, and shoving them all in your mouth and then being sick. Or having little Halloween parties with your friends, playing stupid party games that you should've grown out of ages ago but didn't. Or even just dressing up as a witch, a devil or a cat.

Our reason is better than any of those- it all started when-

"Layla we need your help. The lights are too heavy with me on my own, and your brothers and sisters are refusing to help just because you're not. So HELP."

Ooops, got to go. I will tell you the story tomorrow.

Actually I think I have time now, but I might have to go to dinner in a sec. Well it all started ages ago, way back in the 1800's or so. There was this guy called Robert Rogerson (Funny name, isn't it?) who had a brother called Roger Rogerson. They didn't exactly get along. But one night (Halloween) Roger had had enough of being hurt and made fun of by Robert. So that night, Roger sneaked in to Roberts house, a gun by his side. And BANG BANG. Dead. The house that Roger killed him in just so happened to be our house. So every Halloween, we have a special ritual in honour of Robert.

Dinner time, I will tell you about the decorations and preparations tomorrow.



Tuesday 21st October 2013

Dear Diary,

Yesterday we put the decorations up. This included a tree in every room  and outside, decorated with baubles and tinsel. We put sweets and lights on the trees as well. We put lights all on the outside of the house, a bit like Christmas. As soon as that was over, I rushed inside to carry on with my diary.

I'm going to have breakfast, be back in 10 minutes.

One doth wishes one respecteth one's disturbing male sibling. One misses one's life. One misses one's house.

Who's been in my diary? Some one has wrote in here and it wasn't me.

"Dad, what does this mean?"

Sorry about this, but it is a very serious offence. Dad is just trying to translate the olden day language into modern English.

"Layla, I think it is this- One does wish that one did respect my brother. One misses life. One misses this house."

My heart skipped a beat. That only meant it could be one person. Robert Rogerson.

I didn't want to scare Dad as when he's worried he freaks out, literally. So I just kept quiet about it.

But still it worried me. Why was it here? Was a one off? Or was it going to happen again?

I think I'm going to have lunch now, to help me take my mind off things.

One should be worried. When one's male sibling hath been, one should know one's day hath come. One will do pleasure when one doth do what one hath done to one's self. One doth not feel satisfied with one's self, for one made one's day come. One destroyed one's male sibling. One is sorry. Will thou forgive one?

No, not again. Now I'm really confused... and scared.

It's different writing so it can't be Robert Rogerson, but it has to be a ghost. I have a little hunch but I will have to get dad to translate it again.

"Well this one is longer, and if I'm right, it says- One should be worried. When one's brother has been, one should know that one's death has come. One will happily do what one had done to one's self. One is not happy with one's self, for one made one's death come. One destroyed his brother. One is sorry. Will you forgive one?" Dad started to shake, I think he was getting the same message I was getting.

Robert and Roger were having a private conversation, in my diary.

"Um, Layla. Where did you get the book from? It, it, was it from the, the at- at- at- attic?"

I panicked. What had I done?


"Um, I don't think this notebook belongs to you."

"You think?" I asked.

I'm just going to go and think things through, er and try to find another notebook.

Yes Darling, thou doeth that. This dothn't belong with thou. Why, Roger, one doth missith thou's company. But one cannot exceptith one's apoligies, as thou made one's day cometh. One wilt never forgive thou, never. And one wilt get one's owneth back on thou and Lililya!

Unfortunately, I could not find another notebook. Wait, there's a new message. I won't bother dad, as I think he's kind of worrying now, like mad.

So, yes darling, you do that. This doesn't belong with you. Why, Roger, one does miss your company. But one cannot except one's apologies, as you made one's death day come. One will never forgive you, never. And one will get one's own back on you and Lililya!?!

Who's Lililya? Wait. L, move A from back, cross I, move Y from back, cross L, move L from middle, and turn I into A. That gives you LAYLA. What have I done? I mean I know that Roger killed Robert, so I can understand that, but me!?! What did I do?

I'm going for dinner ok, and I'm going straight to bed, well I might play on my iPad for a little bit, but then I am definitely going to bed.


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