Trying To Prove Who I Am

Rachel decides to go to England when she doesn't want to stay in America anymore and she meets someone unexpected. Soon she falls in love.


1. Leaving Home

"I want to prove my parents that I can live off their support." I said to myself as I packed all my stuff into my two suitcases. Two suitcases weren't enough to shift from California to London. I was going to say at my aunts house until I settle. I took a last look around my room with my certificates and first place ribbons on displayed nearly on my wall. As I was about to leave I saw my collage if my years in school from kindergarten to senior year. I put it in my bag. I was bringing as many memories as I can. I will tell my friends about this later. My parents don't know I am leaving. They all have gone out including my brother. I had finished my undergrad and have decide to get my medical degree in England. I dragged my heavy suitcases down and left a note that took me a week to write to my parents about me leaving and not to bother call me or look for me. I have left for reason and will come back when I accomplish it. I grabbed a water bottle and brought all my luggage into my car. I was about to start the car but I got out. I went in the house and took one last look. I am going to miss this place. 13 years of my life was spent here. I walked out trying not to cry and doubled checked I had my passport and drove out of the court, onto the street, and onto the freeway. I finally reached the airport and walked to the checkout counter. After a few minutes I had my luggage checked in and my boarding pass in my hand. I checked my watch. I have one hour to spare. I decided to go through the security check and get some Starbucks. I got a double chocolate frappicino. I hate coffee. I walked to a seat and settled in an pulled out my phone. I called my aunt to ensure when my flight is arriving. I heard a scream. Soon another one. "It's Harry Styles!" yelled a girl. I stood up And turned around a saw a mon oh girls surrounding a curly haired guy. It was Harry Styles. I remember when I used to have a crush on him when I was 13 but then he dated all these girls and I just forgot him. I saw him with a security guard pulling him through the mob. What is he doing in San Francisco? He looked up and stared at me like he knew me. I stared back. Soon girls came in the way and he was gone.

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