2nd Life.

hey im emily stone, well i use to be emily stone.
it all changed cause of a fight with a bestfriend, a gun, a death, a transformation and a new family.
i meet people i never knew and people i have known all along, even know im a supernatural being i still live as a human,
i am now called jade ice, i have blue hair im tan, small but have long skinny legs, im quite curvy and i have long eyelashes aand big eyes.
i go to bridgeway high school with my blood brother and a brother of my adopted family.
i have been given a new identity to keep me safe from the government.
im not completly sure what is happening to me, my body is changing and my memories have been erased, but they havent erased all of them they forgot the most important ones.


2. tumblr

i like just started tumblr.

and i would love you guys to death if yous followed me. <3


tumblr; eelrak69

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