2nd Life.

hey im emily stone, well i use to be emily stone.
it all changed cause of a fight with a bestfriend, a gun, a death, a transformation and a new family.
i meet people i never knew and people i have known all along, even know im a supernatural being i still live as a human,
i am now called jade ice, i have blue hair im tan, small but have long skinny legs, im quite curvy and i have long eyelashes aand big eyes.
i go to bridgeway high school with my blood brother and a brother of my adopted family.
i have been given a new identity to keep me safe from the government.
im not completly sure what is happening to me, my body is changing and my memories have been erased, but they havent erased all of them they forgot the most important ones.


1. recreated.

`harry` I whisperd grabbing my stoumach in pain, harry towerd over me with a gun aimed at my head.

`so your seriously going to kill me, your bestfriend,  because she said to?`  I asked getting angrier with every word I said, `stop talking your working your self up emily` he said looking down at me making sure he shows no emotions. But I can see it in his eyes, hes hurt.

Im not sure what has happened to him, but the last couple of months since hes been seeing this new chick tayla, he has become a lot more voilent, people have told me shes supernatural but I don’t believe in any of that shit its all made up.

`goodbye katie`  he pulled the trigger & I was dead, well that’s what I thought.


~~~~~~~~~ three months later ~~~~~~~~~~


`wake up` someone whisperd. I slowly flutterd my eyes open, seeing I was in some posh house, it was huge.

`oh your awake, Hi im chloe ice` I looked over at this lady, she was pretty, she had long straight chocolate brown hair, big blue eyes, a gap between her teeth, her nose pierced, she was tall and in good shape. `wait am I dead?` I asked, she giggled and looked down at the clip board in her hand. `no your not dead, you have been given a second chance` she said calmly and looked up at me and smiled `second chance at what?` I asked confused `life.` was all she said and looked back at her clipboard. I sat there no knowing what to say. `well, your new name Is jade ice, your now apart of our family. We have changed your hair to blue, your eye colour is unknown for now` `wait what do you mean uknnown?` I asked confused. `well since the transformation, we have not been able to discover your eye colour cause it keeps changing due to your moods` she said looking back down at the clipboard. `wait, what transformation` I said trying to sit up `woooow slow down there, please sit back down your body hasn’t fully recoverd from the changes` she said trying to calm me down, `WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME` I screamed `backup. Backup, backup!!!` she screamed, soon enough 2 guys came running into the room pushing me back down onto the bed and tieing me me up then left, the last one looked familuar. `okay well jade, we have change you from a human to a minx` she said looking down at me calmly. `wait what?` I asked confused? `I will explain later but right now I need to fill you in with your new identity.` `okay`


`well first of all your name is jade ice, you have blue hair, your aged 17, you drive a 1970 dodge charger, your eyes change colour depending on your mood, you half italian, and half british, you grew up here in london, your family moves around because of your fathers work, your fathers name is tyson ice and im your mother chloe ice, you have two brothers and one younger sister, your brothers are 18 and 16, your oldest brother is named kane and your younger brother is toby, your little sister is kara and shes 5, you, kane and toby  all go to bridgeway high school, kara is home schooled,  you live with us now and your starting school next week, the story is you where in a bording school for bashing your teacher at your old school and you have just come back after 3 years of beeing in bording school, you will start your training tomorrow with your brothers and little sister, you have to train and become stronger and faster just incase your attacked by another minx, there are others out there that are hidden or have blended in with the rest of the people, so be careful with who you talk to, always be alert and stay on guard, we have already wiped your memory, well the parts you dont need like past relationships and family members, old friends and enemys, you have now got your nose pearced and your lip pearced along with your tounge, we have put the family tattoo onto you and have fixed your eyes site so when ever you see another minx they will glow red`


I nodded slowly. `so when do I start training` I said curiously. `well  now` she said, she just looked at the ropes I was tied up in and whisped something, then all of a sudden the ropes fell to the ground. `wow, that was cool` I said, she smiled at me and helped me up and showed me to the training arena, it was huge. I walked forward looking around, I was quite a distance from my new mother and brothers but I still herd them talking `watch out for her please boys, she had a bad before life which has effected her in this one, she will snap at any minuiet shes like a---` i turned around and all of a sudden a burst of energy helped push me toward them in a split second, what the fuck?  `im like a what` I said gettting angrier` they all stood there scared shitless not knowing what to say. Everything went quiet and I just stood there, me and toby staring at eachother `emily.` he said with tears in his eyes `seb.`….. I just stood there that’s my brother, hes alive, wait he died tho, harold killed him? `its you` he screamed wrapping his arms around me. I pulled away shocked `wait didn’t harold kill you?` `yeah, but chloe saved me` he looked at chloe and smiled at her. `I was hoping yous would recognise eachother` she said and smile at us, `well me and kane will give you some privacy` she said and turned around walking out with kane following her.  `hes going to pay for this`  I whisperd.


~~~~~~ ONE WEEK LATER ~~~~~~~~~~~~


`school, yay` I said scarcastically as we walked down  to the bus stop, `hey don’t be such a sook` seb said-- whops I mean toby ;)

`my arms and legs are killing me tho, like seriously I have been training non stop for the last week` I said putting on a pouty face, `omg your such a sook, huury up and get on my back` he said leaning down a bit, I smiled and jumped on his back pretending he was a horse, `wheres kane?` I asked `he gets a ride with his mate, they are total dicks.... Don’t go near them okay.` I laughed then he started skipping and just being a goof as he carried me down the main road, ` holly shit that’s our bus` toby screamed, I quickly jumped of him and ran like my life depended on it, toby was close behind but I just beat him, we just made it on the bus, holy shit that was tiring, `up the back` toby whisperd in my ear, I kept walking until I got up the back, ignoring all the stares I was getting, some from guys some from girls, yeah what ever as long as I have my brother, tobys arm came flying over my sholder pointing at a seat, I turned and smiled at him, and then sat down with him sitting right by my side as I fixed up my shirt, I looked down a bit at this boy staing at me, he was cute, he had brown hair in a quif, he was wearing a lakers snapback, daggy jeans, a white plain t-shirt and black supras and he had the most amazing brown eyes and perfect smile. I winked at him and he blushed, how cute, all of a sudden these two girls truened around and gave me dirties followed by 4 guys turning around and looking at me from a couple seats down, wait is that kane?


~~~~~~~~ HARR'S POV ~~~~~~~


`wow, whos that` justin asked leaning over the seat behind me and nodding his head towards the chick walking with toby, `I don’t know, but she reminds me of someone I use to know` I said, she had long blue hair tied up with the black underneath showing, in a high messy pony tail with her bangs hanging out, she had black sunnies on her head, she had tight black ripped jeans on and a loose blue flanno and a black singlet on underneath with a couple buttons undone, she had black Alva vans on and a starbucks bag, I could see a blue glow around her, shes a minx, an ice minx.

All of a sudden justin was blusing, what the fuck? Everyone in our group turned around and looked at the new chick who was now give dirties back at selena, oh wow I can smell a bitch fight coming up soon.

All of a sudden kane stood up and walked up the back towards the new chick and toby. `jade!` he screamed. Everyone looked at him and watched intenslly. `hey kane` she said climing over toby and hugged him, oh wow if looks could kill, kane would have been dead 10 times over by the looks he was getting from toby, wait how do they know eachother?

Kane pulled away and started a small chat with her, everyone still looking at them then all of a sudden the bus driver screamed `sit down now!` grumpy old cunt. Kane and toby both looked at her  then at eachother before kane made his way back down to us. Justin was then like `wow bro, how the hell do you know her, she hot as fuck, ohhhhh man the things I would do---` `shes my sister` kane said bluntly, justin shut up and didn’t know what to say. `oh sorry bro` he said taking one more look at her then turing back around sitting down quietly. Fuck that was awkward.

But I still cant shake the feeling in my gut. I know her!




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