Bestfriends? More like not

Sabrina Thompson and her two bestfriends are walking the streets of London when she bumps into.... ONE DIRECTION what will happen? will her and her old bestfriend become friends again? you will just have to read to find out :)


1. Ew... Louis Tomlinson??

Sabrina Thompson:

looks:  butt length straight blonde hair, blue green eyes, 5"6, and tan skin

likes: music, boys, soccer and dance

dislikes: bugs and school

nickname: Sab

Nicole  DiLeva: 

looks: mid-length brown hair with blonde tips, brown eyes, 5"5, and tan skin with some freckles

likes: Justin Bieber and gymnastics

dislikes: bugs

nickname: Nic

Katie Jackson: 

looks: long curly brown hair, bright green eyes, 5"7, and natural skin color

likes: boys, music and soccer 

dislikes: school 

nickname:  KJ

"Omg Sab did u hear?? Eleanor and Louis broke up!" said one of my bestfriends Katie.            "ughh i HATE him don't even mention his name i front of me" i replied. 

"you know i never understood why  you hate him so much" Katie said 

"it all started the  day i left…"


"I  don't want to leave Louis" i said

"i know i'm going to miss you to Sabby" Louis said 

"I have to go keep in touch?" i asked him

"Definitely" he said.


"i still don't get why you don't like him" Nicole stated. 

"its just that he never answered any of my texts or calls... its like he is trying to ignore me" i said

"here lets go take a walk... it always makes you feel better" Katie said

"ok" me and Nicole said. 



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