You & I

18 year old Aria the good girl, and is all about the good grades, a girl about to go to collage, planed everything ahead of time until bad boy Niall came along, playing every girl along the way, tattooed and piercings that would scare any guy away. Will Aria fall for his mind tricks? Or will she walk away from her problems?


1. Chapter 1

"ARIA!" I hear my moms voice calling from downstairs, I groan to myself and roll out if bed, taking my time to make my bed because this is the last day I will Actually consider this "my bed". "ARIA!" My mom called again "I'm up" I yell back as I hear plates and pans moving around which means that she's making me breakfast. I spent the last few years nervously antisapating for collage. I spent my weekends studying and preparing my self while my while my very few friends were put getting drunk. The day I got my letter that I was accepted for collage I was going crazy, and my mom cried I was pretty proud I myself, all that hard work paid off plus I get to see my mom crying for the first time that I could remember. As I get in the shower the hot water loosened up my muscles but I rush myself and was my hair. Here we go again, my mom calling out my name again acting lie if I'm not nervous enough. Noah my boyfriend will be here soon to take me to college with my mom. Noah is a grade lower than me but is still 18, his parents put him in school a year late, but he's still as smart as I am. I'm pretty sad that he's not coming his year but as long as I have a roommate that likes to study as much as I do I'm all fine "ARIA!" My mom called once again " I am coming down please stop yelling out my name" I yell as I walk down the stairs. Noah is sitting at the table across from my mother, dressed in his usual navy blue long sleeved polo shirt with his khakis the clothes he usually wears expect if he's wearing his black and white striped shirt and red pants may not sound to classy but I gotta admit it, boy does he look hot in that his blondish brownish hair comes lightly then gelled to perfection "hey collage girl" he smiles with his perfect white teeth. "Hey" I gave him a smile and pulled my hair into a bun."Honey we can wait a while while you do your hair" she's right I gotta look drop dead gorgeous for today. " I'll start putting your things in the car" says Noah as he takes the keys my mom has given him, he puts on his black winter coat and then his black hat, and gives me a smile. I got butterflies in my stomach and I only it 2 hours to make then disappear.

(I know it's not that good for now but it will get better trust me)

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