Can there ever be world peace...


1. Can we ever hope to have world peace?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, a world of peace and tranquillity. A world, not torn apart by wars, a world where we can be safe. Imagine, all the families, which are torn apart by deaths over a war they had no part in the making of. The families that are being ripped apart like they are made out of paper. But the question still lingers. Will there ever be no wars, no fights, no arguments, will there ever be world peace?

Every year 182500 people die from war. That’s 500 people a day, 21 in an hour. That’s almost the whole of your school class gone in one lesson, all their hopes, all their dreams, all their life’s, gone, for something that wasn’t their fault.

As much as a peaceful world would be, I just can’t convince myself to believe that there can be overall peace on earth for various reasons, of which I feel the three main and most important aspects are power, greed and religion, and all of these things can lead to war. To stop wars, and to gain world peace, we will have to get rid of all wars that are over want and selfishness, and settle for one or no religions, all of which would be incredibly hard to do, considering that everyone wants to keep these aspects.

Power. It’s what everyone wants, what everyone desires.  Everyone wants more power, every country, control of people, control of resources, and just general control. If you are in charge of the resources, which everyone needs and wants, you can control a large proportion of people, control how much they pay, what they earn, what they are allowed to possess. There may be agreements to who owns what countries, or what properties. How can a world have peace when there are still dictatorships that control whether we even have our basic freedoms and rights?

Religion. Without it, people do lose a certain way of life, but with it, it causes wars and upsets all over the world. Although most religions teach their believers to work peacefully in resolving conflicts, all religions are different; because of this some religions may feel their religion is better and is real. And due to extremists, some of these thoughts may turn into wars because people want to get what they want and to get their point across, no matter what the consequences for others.

Greed. There are wars over oil, coal, gas, even water to fuel countries and civilisations. Some countries feel that it is in their rights to have more, to be able to be rich in something whilst others lack in it so much they suffer because of it. This still doesn’t stop the greed though. Still some refuse to admit that there are others that need even some essential resources and still think more for themselves and what they don't even need, just want.

I don’t believe there can be world peace. There are too many reasons to why people may fight than why we should not. Although some people understand how what some are doing is wrong, there are too many opposing. We may not be able to completely abolish disagreement, but hopefully if people can work together and put their differences aside, we can try and prevent any more wars and conflicts, and we can create a better, a more peaceful, and a more civilised world.

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