Guilt [Harry Potter AU]

Ron and Harry, the inseparable pair. Everyone loves them. Everyone. Not one person can say a thing bad about them. Heck, Even Draco Malfoy loves him. Although there is one girl who doesn't like them. Her name? It's Hermione Granger.
And she does something that makes Harry and Ron feel guilty for the rest of their lives.


1. Prolouge

Hermione looked at the wooden wand sitting in her lap. One spell, one spell would end all of the torment, all of the pain, all of the sorrow she currently felt. All of it. No-one would care, not even her parents. Her parents didn't give a damn about her, not since she'd started going to Hogwarts atleast. The only good thing they did for her was pay for her school stuff. Every summer she told them about the harsh words that were said to her, every summer they did nothing about it. It was obvious that no-one cared about her. No-one.
        Hermione lifted up the wand and held it to her temple, no-one could stop her now, no-one could persuade her not to. She heard the door to her dorm click open and she looked up to see Lavender Brown walk in. The only thing Hermione could hear was the word "Stop!", before she uttered the curse. The two words that would finally end her life forever. "Avada Kedavra"...

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