The Wishing Feather

Aaren is a guy from Germany who wants to tell the world about his his family and hardships he faced. His main goal however is to find the only person he misses most. His little sister.


1. Hope

It dawned with colors starting of with black, to a nice light yellow.  The colors swirled into the skies creating a masterpiece full of pinks, purples, and light blues that caressed the white clouds softly.  The sun peaked behind the sunflowers letting it's light pour on them while the morning dew sparkled on their petals.  A light breeze came through lightly making the sunflowers dance in unison.


I'd see this every morning.  Watching it through the window without being able to feel how it felt out side.  To not be able to feel the cold air on my face or breath in oxygen that wasn't full of dust and cobwebs that seemed to pollute the air.  Of course, it had been that way for some time.  I had lived in the eastern part of Germany.  At this time I was around fourteen, maybe fifteen years old and the year was nineteen forty-three.


I remember that tiny attic as if it where yesterday.  A light brown table that could fit up to three chairs.  A matrice that my sister, Carissa, and I would sleep on.  A small bathroom in the corner.  And one small window that I would look out every morning when my sister was asleep.  Sometimes I would even open the window slightly to get some fresh air into the small room I shared with my sister.


No matter what, I always looked out for my sister.  She had dark brown hair that held small tight curls.  Her hair had a bit of fuzz to it, but her friends would always say how much they envied her for having such beautiful dark hair.  Her eyes always sparkled with happiness.  Even through these times where hard she would smile and laugh.  She'd barely cry or be sad, I guess that's why I enjoyed spending my days with her.


However, around nineteen forty-four, she started losing hope.  She had always said, "You just wait Aaren!  This war will be over in no time!"  But by now, she didn't say anything.  Didn't even look at anyone.  She was going through a deep depression.  Without seeing any one, and never seeing our mother anymore, all the things that bothered her that she tried so hard to hid, overflowed.  It was then when she started to get sick, and that's also when they found out about our secret.


We where hiding above a small business that our father had owned.  With him being the way he is, stubborn, he never closed down the shop.  Since we where in the attic, he'd stay up as long as he could in the shop.  He'd find things to do, but when he had to leave, he had to leave.  If he stayed there for to long they might think that something was up.  At least that's what he told Carissa and I.


However when Carissa got sick, we called the doctor.  Worried, my sister protested what my father and I wanted.  We wanted her to get better, but Carissa didn't want to.  At seven years old she said, "I'd rather die than put you two in danger, or make you live in one of those camps."  For hours she would tell us of how the doctor would betray us.


"We've been going to this doctor for years." My father said.

"No, you've been going to him for less than a year!" Carissa said, "I know he would tell someone that you have us here."


Sadly, she was right.  Our Doctor, Dr. Amsel, had told one of the soldier down yonder that my father had been hiding us.  That day, not only was our mother gone, but now our father too.  Carissa and I went to a camp.  I went to Flossenbürg.  Carissa went somewhere else.  Even to this day I have no clue where she could be.  I don't even know if she is dead.


During the trip up to Flossenbürg I stayed up.  There was a fear in my heart and brain.  My stomach would knot up and it felt as though someone tied up butterflies up by their little legs while their wings flap to try and break free.  On the way there I saw dead bodies.  Obviously left over from those that they killed.  A boy around the age of fife cried. 'I know.' I said in my head, to scared to speak.


Birds with black feathers flew past.  One of them shedding out a single feather that floated down and landed on my lap.  This one being some how silver.  I looked up at the sky.  I knew my freedom wouldn't come soon, but I hoped that it would come eventually.  I could tell, this was the beginning of a tough time, but some how seeing the silver feather gave me hope that one day Ill be able to see every one and ever thing I once held dear to me.


I put the feather in my pocket and kept it there all that time I stayed on the cart.  I didn't know what would happen next, but keeping the feather with me made me hope that I would live as long as I needed to.  My goal for my life is to find my sister Carissa.  I'm still trying to fulfill this goal, but the most that I can remember of her, I wont give up hope.  She wouldn't want me to.


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