Dear Harry

When Harry met Katie, he knew it was time to turn over a new leaf. Always the sleep-around careless popstar famous for being in One Direction, he heads out for tour with the other four boys. He then meets Katie on his travels, they both like each other and it quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Katie vowing to wait for Harry while he finishes his tour.
What the loved-up couple don't realise is that Harry's fame will change everything, resulting in another tour for the big band, One Direction. And then sadly, Katie starts experiencing feelings for someone else while Harry is away on his second tour. "Dear Harry..." It reads, and both of the young lovers lives are changed.


1. Prologue

Harry's P.O.V:

Manchester, 2015

What does it mean to love someone else?

There was a point in my lifetime where I was sure I knew the answer. I thought it meant that I'd care for Katie more deeply than I cared for myself and that we'd spend the rest of our lives happily together and grow old together. That the boys and I would have gone our own ways and we all would have gotten married, that we all would've moved in with 'The One' . It wouldn't have taken that much. Katie once told me that the key to a happy life is achievable dreams, and hers weren't too difficult...marriage, children, a big house and a golden retriever..the usual. It meant that I'd have us covered with my singing job and it's big bucks, the house with the picket-fence, and a stylish SUV to bring our kids to school in or the beach with the dog. Katie was never clear with how many kids she wanted, she wasn't always serious and I guess that's partly why I fell for her. For as long as I can remember since I met her, I knew I wanted to wake up every morning with her in my arms and sleeping peacefully beside me in our bed in our house. 

It doesn't sound out of the ordinary? When two people love each other they usually end up making those decisions sooner or later? That's what I imagined too. I still want to think it's possible that Katie may come back and we can pick up from where we left off but somewhere deep down in my heart, I know that's never going to happen again. When I leave here, I know I'm never going to return. There's no point, there's no reason for me here. I only wanted to see her again, just momentarily get a glimpse of what we used to be like. It seems like centuries ago that she was my girl and paps used to harass us, and all the Twitter hate on both of us. But in reality, it wasn't that long ago. 

Now though, I am sitting in my black SUV with the tinted windows. Parked across the road from her little bakery. I sit patiently in silence and wait to catch a glimpse of her busying herself with customers, the bakery evidently gets good business as there's quite a line of people waiting to be served. I can't get out and join her side in the bakery as people would surely recognize me and then Katie would be angry and scream at me, and that would be unbearable. 

It hurts me to think she's so close right now but I can't touch her or even give her a kiss on the cheek, but her life is different and is the complete opposite of mine. It hasn't been easy to accept that, even when Louis repeatedly  reminds me that maybe it was for the best. Liam tells me I couldn't help it that we had another tour but I still will never forgive myself for what I have done. Why did I do it? And why did I do it again? I didn't need to go on tour, I could have come home and quit the band, I would break millions of girl's hearts just for my girl to be happy. My girl, that is of course undoubtedly...Katie. It was I who ended it, it's my fault. 

People are busying down the streets, laden down with shopping bags and completely oblivious to the sensational popstar who is sitting in a parked SUV across the road. If they knew I was here, I would be surrounded in a mere amount of minutes. I hear the birds beginning their morning call and I rest my chin on my fist, I sigh and take a swig from the coffeecup I grabbed on the way. A few minutes later, around one o'clock, the bakery doors open. They have been doing that all morning but this time it's different, this time it's her. I find myself breathless as she carefully walks down the street, the morning sun casting a glow on her golden hair and lighting it up like that of an angel. The slight breeze rustles the leaves on the path and ruffles her hair slightly. Katie tugs her cashmere cardigan around herself and continues walking down the street until I get a perfect view of her. She abruptly stops about halfway down the street and turns around, giving me a full view of her face. Her soft features are slightly pinched but her blue eyes are still shining slightly and her soft pink lips are still full and plump. I don't realise I've been holding my breath until I feel the urge to yawn, I ignore it and continue watching Katie as her eyes graze over the whole bustling street. Almost as if she knows she's being watched, but that's silly because her eyes travel over my SUV without a problem and completely ignores it as if its not even here, which is strange because I thought it would stand out in a small town like this. She looks exactly like she did two years ago and her beauty remains unchanged. In my mind, she will always be eighteen and I'll always be nineteen. At that time the boys and I were only starting to become famous, when the first tour of our relationship was announced. We had the Up All Night tour but that was fine because I was single but I met Katie during the Take Me Home tour. If it wasn't for the Take Me Home tour, I would have remained living in London and Katie would have remained attending college and living in her hometown of Manchester. 

Now at twenty-one, I know and realise the good and bad choices I have made in my life and career. Being a part of One Direction is the only life I know. I don't know whether I should be pissed or delighted about that, but most of the time I find myself switching between both, depending on my mood. I have been getting alot of mood-swings since Katie left and I feel bad for the boys, I really do. They stick with me through the good and bad bits and that's what makes them the best brothers I have ever had. I have loads of money saved up from the band and I haven't been on a date since Katie and I......stopped dating. My heart skips a beat everytime I think about that awful time. We were so good together, every presenter....TV show...interviewer...article..said we the perfect match, "A match made in heaven!" They said, what went wrong? The bloody same thing happened to Liam and Danielle! But Perrie and Zayn survived through it all and even managed to get married! I guess Perrie was used to touring after all, she is in Little Mix and she probably could relate to Zayn with him being in a band too. I don't surf much anymore either, usually on our days off when we don't have anything on, I ride my Harley somewhere. I guess that's the best things I have bought since the breakup, I let my pain out through speed and highways are like my playgrounds. My SUV would probably be the second best thing I bought because well....I need a car to get around and the tinted windows are useful for whenever you don't feel like socializing with fans. 

When I met Katie Ann Tucker, I never expected my life would end up like this. I never thought one beautiful girl could make my life turn out like this. To leave me to crash and burn, to leave my days filled with long,sad, depressing hours. I don't like sitting down and doing nothing because that gives me time to think, and time to think would certainly bring my thoughts to Katie and what she's doing now. I guess this is the result, the last few days the boys and I are having a break off touring and concert dates. All the boys went back to their families but after nights of sleepless hours, I came to a conclusion that I should find out myself. So here I am, in Katie's hometown of Manchester, England. A beautiful place indeed. I fell in love with Katie, I then fell even more in love with her the years we were apart when I was on tour. Our love story have three parts; the beginning, the middle and the end. Even though that's how all stories go, I was deeply shocked when our didn't go on forever.

My eyes steadily watch the thin figure of my once-future bride down the street as she walks into a cafe, I think back over all our memories as that's all I have left of my first and last love......

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