The Return Of Tracy Beaker - Tracy Beaker Homecoming

I wrote this ages ago, when I didn't want Tracy Beaker to end. The storyline is pretty good but I have lost interest. While everyone waits for Dani's Castle- Last Days which i am currently writing now and the preview will come soon, I thought you like to see some of my other work. Thanks, bye.
Dani has to solve a murder in the Dumping Ground


1. Homecoming

The Return of Tracy Beaker - Series 1 – Episode 1- Tracy Beaker Homecoming


Tracy Beaker Gina Mike Rory Jack Carmen Elektra Rick Tyler Melanie Brian Tee Lily Sapphire Johnny Frank Melanie’s Mum Melanie’s Dad


Part 1:

Everyone is celebrating the return of Tracy. Everyone is drinking, dancing and eating.

Gina: Welcome Back Tracy! I can’t believe your back.

Tracy: Me neither! I realized that I made a big mistake on going to that other rubbish care home. So I made Seth come and move near here, we’re still looking for a flat but it’s worth it.

Carmen: We really missed you.  You promise you are here to stay and you won’t go to any other care homes?

Tracy: I promise! Anyway, no one else will want me so I better off stay her.

Carmen: Me, Lily and Tee, made a game.

Tracy: What’s it called?

Lily:  The Tracy Game!

Tracy: I’m famous!

Tee: What happens is we have to think of the best time you did something stupid.

Carmen: Me first! Tracy’s departure!

Tracy: Ha-ha-ha!

The door bell rang

Gina: Pizza has arrived Tee, lay the table. Elektra get the drinks and Tracy could you answer the door? It’s a shame that Mike couldn’t be with us.

Tracy: It’s a shame that he is still in physio. But I am sure it is all for a good call, besides, at least after this he will be able to walk again. You know Mike. He is a fighter. He always fights for freedom or success. This is a good idea for a new book.

Johnny: Oh, yeah, like he did when we were sent to Burnywood and anyway, stick to things you are good at and being an author is not one of them.

Tracy: Ha-ha!

Tracy opens the door 

Tracy: Oh Brian, what are you doing here?

Brian: Nice to see you too.

Tracy: What do you want?

Brian: Keep these two trouble makers here would you?

He pushes Rory and Jack inside the house

Jack: A party, you must have known we were coming.

Tracy: The party isn’t for you, it’s for me.

Brian: Well, no time to chit chat. Go on in, don’t be shy. This will be your new home.

Jack: Don’t worry, Brian. We anin’t shy. This is our new home. Look Rory, we even got a piano and there are not padlocks on the living room. This is the best place ever.  

They come in and explore.

Tracy: I’m sorry but we don’t have enough places to keep them.

Brian: I heard that 3 of your kids are moving, Tee and Johnny, plus Gus seems to look like he likes his new family.

Tracy: So who’s the third?

Brian: Sapphire, she is going to the flat in a couple of week’s time.

Tracy: Yeah but what about know, we don’t have any more places, didn’t you hear me.

Brain: Well find a place they don’t really mind. If worst comes to worst then maybe, they can sleep in the living room or they can even share in a three. It’s only for a couple of days and the others will be gone by then. Enjoy!

Brian leaves.

Tracy: But!

Brian shuts the door in Tracy’s face from the outside. Gina comes to the hall.

Gina: I thought I would give you a hand with the, oh.

She looks at them

          Tracy: Yeah we came for pizzas and we end up with more kids. Great.

          Gina: Welcome to the world of Tracy Beaker! Tracy Beaker Homecoming.

Theme tune turns on.


Part 2

Rory is exploring his new room.

Rory: Wow! This is so cool. You even gave me extra things, cheers!

Tracy: Yeah, about the stuff. Those aren’t yours and you should ask before you borrow anything!

Rory: Then whose are they. I hope I’m not sharing a room.

Rick enters the room.

Tracy: Sorry. This is your roommate, Rick.

Rick: You don’t touch my things or even think of my things. I don’t want a roommate.

Rory: Neither do I, but we’re stuck together. So deal with it.

Tracy: You better be nice or else.

Rory: Or else what. What you gonna do?

Tracy hears Tyler and Jack fighting.

Tracy: Great, a day to be happy because I’m back and now they are fighting. This is the best welcome back party ever and also where are those pizzas, I’m starving.

Rory: Oh, so that is the reason why you’re so fat and also which pizzas did u get cuz I only like margarita.

Tracy: Ha-ha! Rick help Tyler unpack his things and relax and just get to know each other.

Rick and Rory start to laugh.

Rick: Sorry about that. I’m not that bad of a roommate. I’m sure you will settle in very quickly.

Rory: Fancy something to eat.

Rick: You read my mind.

They left the room.


Part 3 

Jack has to share with Tyler and Tyler isn’t happy about that. They are arguing.

Tyler: This is my room and you can’t have it.

Jack: Well tough.

He puts all his suitcases on Tyler’s bed and Tyler pushes it off.

Jack: Oi! How dare you do that? He put it back on his bed.

They start to fight for a minute, and then Tracy comes and stops them

Tracy: Guys stop it. Tyler, go downstairs while I help Jack unpack his things. Pause, Tyler doesn’t move.  Now!

Jack: You’re not going through my stuff.

   Tyler leaves the room.

Jack: He is an idiot, isn’t he?

Tracy: Don’t say that. He’s just upset cuz he doesn’t want to share a room, but don’t worry, he’ll be fine in a few days time or maybe weeks. How would you like it?

Jack: How am I supposed live with that for a week?

Tracy: Well, cuz it’s Tyler maybe about maybe two weeks.

Jack: Wow, how do you know that?

Tracy: It’s a talent.

Jack: Wow, your good. Then why did you leave?

Tracy: For the money. Why don’t you meet the others? Rory seems to be getting along with them.

Jack: No, I don’t want to. Just go away.

Tracy: Are you sure? Come on. Dinner will be ready, why don’t you say hello.

Jack: What’s for dinner? By the way I heard that you are rubbish at cooking.

Tracy: Well its curry and I’m not making it, Gina is. Are you sure you don’t wanna come.

Rory: Just call me when dinner is ready.

Tracy: Fine.

Tracy leaves the room.


Part 4

Carmen, Tee and Lily were all arguing will Rory comes in the room.

Rory: Oi! What are you arguing about?

Lily: There is this project for school.

Tee: Were supposed to make a 5 minute movie. I was thinking of action, Lily wants comedy and Carmen wants love.

Rory: I’ve got a better idea.

They are outside in the attic. Rory is filming, Lily was acting and sorting out chairs and Carmen and Tee are getting changed into their costumes.

Carmen: Are you sure about this.

Rory: This will get you a quadruple A*.

Lily was sitting on the chair and pretending to read.   

Rory: Shouting. And action!

Carmen screams and Lily dropped her book and started to look around the room.

Lily: Is anyone there? Tell me, is anyone there!

Then Carmen and Tee take Lily and drag her, Lily is screaming.

Rory: Shouting. And cut!

They start to laugh.

Carmen: A*, here we come.

They high five each other.


Part 5

Everyone is sitting around the table.

          Tracy: Can, I just say something. I am just glad to be back and I just wanna say that everyone, tuck in!

          Everyone eats Tracy shouts for Jack.

          Tracy: Jack, dinner!

          Jack comes and sits

          Tracy: I will also like to raise a toast.  Everyone rises their glasses. To the Elm Tree House Family

          Everyone: To the Elm Tree House family.

          Everyone claps and cheers.

Tracy: Seriously, I need to write book about this, children sitting around the table.

Electra: Stick to things your good at Tracy. Unfortunately writing isn’t one of them.

Carmen: Me and Lily need to do something quickly, can we go please?

Tracy: Go on then.

They leave the room and go to the living room and to the computer.

Lily: Type it in quickly.

Carmen types in something and they click on a website then they frown.

Carmen: Come on, there must be someone who would wanna be our servant.

Lily: We saved up so much money for this as well.

Carmen: Well it would be so much better if it was for free anyway.

Lily: That’s a good idea. We can plan for someone to share our room with someone. An easy target, then we could tell them to do something and they will have to go there, someone like…

Carmen: Tee!

Tracy enters to see what they are doing but Lily closes the computer down.

Tracy: Come on girls, we need to eat dinner.

Lily: Could you do us a big favour, could you let Tee move in with us, so then Jack can get the room all to himself. Brilliant!

Tracy: I will try, now come on.

Lily: Alright we’re coming.

They leave the room.


Part 6

Everyone is watching TV downstairs.

Tee: Wow that was such a good episode.

Carmen: I know, when James sacrificed his life for his mother, I was going to cry. It’s so sweet.

Tyler: This is so boring. I hate girls show.

Sapphire: Tyler, don’t be sexist.

Elektra: Yeah, I mean Johnny likes it don’t you, but it is weird that he likes it and I don’t

Johnny: I agree with Tyler this show is boring, Johnny takes the control then Carmen takes it back

Johnny: Give it back.

They start to fight over the control. Meanwhile Jack and Rory are upstairs in Rory’s room.

Jack: I hate that Tyler, he’s such a cow.

Rory: Gold digger more like.

 Jack: True. Why can’t they move in together and we can move into one room. They seem to look like good friends. Maybe I will ask Tracy later if that is ok. Well what did you bring?

Rory: Anything really I found. Can and look in your suitcase.

Jack: Yeah if you want.

Rory goes through Jack’s bag. He picks up an iPod.

Rory: You brought your iPod. Wow I am so jealous.

Jack: Yeah, didn’t you take yours?

Rory: Never!

Jack: Why?

Rory: We only had ten minutes to pack. I need to take the essentials like toothbrush clothes, stuff like that. You’re so lucky. I couldn’t think about anything. I was just so upset when Stacy died.  Pause. But anyway, any chance I could borrow it sometime.

Jack: Of course you can borrow mine but make sure you don’t tell anyone, they might take it away and let everyone use it, like they did to Herman’s.

Rory: Cheers!

Rory still goes through his bag. Rory find a bag, inside he finds a knife. He gets worried.

Rory: You did it. You killed Stacy! My favourite care worker, you killed her. That’s how we ended up here.

Jack looks up and finds him holding the knife.

Jack: It’s not what you think.

Rory: You killed her and I nearly got the blame. You better not try to kill someone here. I don’t want a repeat of last time.

Jack: Please don’t tell anyone. I’ve always helped you.

Rory: Fine. He leaves the room.

Jack: Where you going?

Rory: Downstairs! Don’t wanna be near murderers.

He leaves the room.

Jack: Your loss loser!

Rory: I’m not the loser.

Tracy enters

Tracy: You ok?

Jack: Yeah I’m fine.

Tracy: Shall I help you unpack?

Jack: No! Don’t touch my stuff.

Tracy: Why, what are you hiding? Tell me or I will call your social worker, but it is good anyway cuz she is coming tomorrow.

Jack: No, don’t.

Tracy leaves.

Part 7

Rory is still eating in the dining table. Jack comes to him.

Jack: Are you still friends with me.

Rory: Yeah, I’m fine. Just leave me alone.

Jack: Fine loser.

Rory: I anin’t a loser.

Jack leaves and Tracy enters.

Tracy: Morning! Sleep well?

Rory: A bit.

Tracy: Are you ok, you seem quite nervous?

Rory: Yeah, I am fine.

Tracy: Are you sure?

Rory: He gets up from the table. Just stop it; I said I was fine didn’t I.

Tracy: Ok.

Rory leaves and Gina enters.

Tracy: Rory seems very suspicious. Should we call Mike to come back, he will know what to do. Jack isn’t any better. He didn’t let me unpack his bag.

Gina: Don’t worry about that and you are not calling Mike. He needs to rest. Any way remember Melanie is coming. Remember to give her tea and everything.

Tracy: Yes, yes, I know. So-

Gina: So what?

Tracy: What you gonna do about it?

Gina: Think of a way.

Tracy: How I meant to do that?

Gina: Use one of your Tracy plans.

Tracy: My Tracy plans?! But Gina?!

She leaves the room and Tee enters.

Tracy: Oh, Tee, I need to ask you something.

Tee: Go one then.

Tracy: Well, I’m just going to ask this once but I hope you really say yes.

Tee: Say yes to what.

Tracy: I want you to move in with Lily and Carmen so Jack can move in, in your room.

Tee: I don’t think Lily would want me to take her place and any way I want my own room and space.

Tracy: You’re moving with that couple in a few weeks time so you’ll be fine.

Tee: Let’s see about that. 

They go in too Lily and Carmen’s room, they are just talking about things.

Tracy: We need you to share with Tee.

Tee: So will you have me?

Carmen and Lily scream and shout.

Carmen and Lily: Yes!

Lily: We knew this day was coming.

Carmen: So we packed your things already.

Tracy: Nice to see you are all prepared.

She leaves the room.

Tee: I can’t believe I am staying here now. Ever since I saw you all together, I really wanted to stay here with you guys.

Carmen: You will get the hang off how we do things, but as we knew you were staying here, we made you a list of things we don’t like to do and things that we like to do.

Tee: Okay.

She looks at the list.

Tee: This might take me a couple of days. She opens the list and finds the long list rolling to the floor. Make that about a month.

Lily: Trust me it’s so easy. As we let you stay in our room, there might be a few things we want you to do.

Lily looks at Carmen and smiles. Tee gets suspicious as she wants to know what they want her to do.

Carmen: You and start off by getting us hot chocolate with marshmallows, and some biscuits. 

Lily: Make mine double marshmallows.

Tee: Is this some kind of joke.

Lily: You can stay with us only if you do things for us like do our washing up or chores.

Tee leaves the room.

Carmen: I don’t get it, why are we asking her, why can’t we get it ourselves.

Lily: Just leave it ok. Trust me; it will all be worth it.

Carmen: Oh, we are still going along with this plan. I thought-

Lily: Yeah, well, you thought wrong. Just leave it Carm.


Part 8

Tracy is talking to Mike on Skype.

Tracy: Hi Mike.

Mike: Hi Tracy, how are you?

Tracy: I’m good, what about you.

Mike: I fine. I heard, two new kids came, who are they?

Tracy: Well, one’s called Rory and one’s called Jack but I have a problem. Rory is looking very anxious and one of them won’t even let me look in his bag. Gina says its fine but I think it’s strange. So what do think I should do?

Mike: Mmm, that’s tricky. Well I don’t know what to do with Rory but I know what you can do with Jack. Take them somewhere like bowling or the cinema, make sure you stay behind.

Tracy: Yes, what do you want me to do?

Mike: Isn’t it obvious.

Tracy: No

Mike: Look through his things. See if you can find anything. Then maybe what you find out about James might have something to do with Rory.

Tracy: I see, that’s really good. By the way his name is Jack not James. When do you think you’re going to come back here? This is really good stuff for a new book. Mike still in hospital, Tracy has to save the day.

Mike: Maybe in a few weeks time.

Tee walks by and is carrying hot chocolates and biscuits, Tracy and Mike see her walking and they seem suspicious.

Tracy: I just wanna see something. She follows Tee to Lily and Carmen’s room and hear them talking.

Lily: Cheers.

Tee gives them the hot chocolates.

Carmen: Mine has a hair. Take it back and bring me one that doesn’t

Tee: Okay.

Tracy runs out the way she hears Lily and Carmen laughing.

Carmen: My hot chocolate wasn’t chocolaty enough so I put one of my hairs in there. Lol!

Lily: See told you it was good to keep Tee in our room.

Tracy goes back to the original room. Rory finds Tee and starts to call her name and run to her.

Rory: Here’s the DVD, I edited the DVD.

Tee: Thanks. Rory gives her the DVD.  


Part 9

Everyone is in the living room when Rick hears someone walking.

Frank: This is cool.

Sapphire: I thought you don’t like girly shows.

Frank: It’s alright.

          Rick: Wait, I hear someone

          Rory: You know what to do, guys.

          Everyone moves around, closing the TV, putting things away and hiding. Then Elektra walks in.

          Elektra: It’s only me. You can come out your hiding places. By the way it was a very good plan. Who made it up?

Tyler: Rory, he is good at making plans and snorting things out.

Tracy is walking near the living room, Rick hears and slowly moves things away, Elektra doesn’t notice. Tracy enters and finds Elektra sitting on the sofa eating crisp and drinking juice.

Tracy: Oi! Elektra, you need to go to sleep.

Elektra: But can’t I just watch this, it’s the holidays. Come on Tracy, please, just until Melanie comes.

Tracy: No way! It’ll be unfair if you watch it and none of the others can’t.

Elektra: Loser! She goes up stairs. By the way, Tyler is hiding in the cupboard Rick and Rory are under the pool table, oh yeah with Harry and Carmen, Tee, Lily and Johnny are under the computer table.

Tyler: In a deep voice, still hiding. No it is not, it is a mouse.

Tracy: Cut the act guys go back to sleep.

They come out there hiding places and go back to bed except for Johnny.

Tracy: Sorry guys, there is nothing I could do. I am not in charge.

 Johnny: Yeah you got that right, so why did you make Tee move rooms.

Tracy: By the way you’re leaving soon, all thanks to me.

Johnny leaves. Tracy waits and sits there for Melanie. Gina give’s Tracy her tea.

Gina: When she supposed to be here.

Tracy: Now! Where is she?


Part 10

Melanie is walking in the rain, when the phone rings.

Melanie: Hi Tracy.

Tracy: Where are you?

Melanie: My, car broke down so I am walking here. I’ll be here in a second. Bye, Tracy Beaker.

Tracy: Ok bye, it’s not like you are gonna die or something, you don’t need to sound like it will be the last time you see me.

 Melanie:  You never know.


Part 11

Meanwhile Tracy goes to see Gina.

Tracy: I wonder where Melanie is. She is supposed to be here.

Gina: She’s fine.

Tracy: Five more minutes and I am going to find her.

Melanie is walking near the house when suddenly someone comes out and gets a knife and stabs her. Melanie screams.

Tracy: In the house. That’s it. I’m going to find her. She gets her coat and goes outside the door. She looks everywhere. Then she sees a body. Melanie, why you lying on the floor?  Walk’s closer to her. Melanie. Is that you? Oh my god. Wake up! She shakes her then she goes back inside and to Gina.

Gina: See her?

Tracy: No, but I found something.

Gina: What is it?

Tracy: I don’t know. Pause. Please come. I think it is a body.

Gina: Don’t be stupid, man!

Tracy: No really.

Gina: It’s just your funny imagination.

Tracy: Probably.

They hear a scream at Carmen’s room. They run to the room. Carmen is standing.

Carmen: Look outside! Someone is here, dead!

Tracy: By the way, I need to talk to you. She looks outside. With a cry. Gina really, she’s dead. Look she’s dead.

Gina: I bet this is one of those evil and twisted plans of yours.

Tracy: No really! She’s dead.

Gina: If this is a wind up, I will-

Gina looks outside as she speaks and sees Melanie, then Gina and Tracy ran outside. There they found a girl dead with blood on the floor.

Tracy: Call the ambulance and police! She checks to see if she was dead, she checks to see if she was breathing but she wasn’t. Tracy gets worried. Then she checks if she her heart was beating and it wasn’t. With a cry. Gina she’s dead!

Gina: Who did this?

Tracy: I have a feeling I know who. Now do you think we shouldn’t call Mike?

The ambulance comes and they take Melanie away.

Tracy: She’s not breathing, doctor.

The Doctor runs and gets something.

Doctor: Stand back. Clear!

The shock here and Tracy starts to cry.


Part 11

Tracy is waiting for a call to see if Melanie is alive or dead. The phone rings and she picks it up.

Tracy: Hello, oh hello. How is she…yes…yes…yes…ok thank you!

Gina: What did they say? Is she dead or is she alive? Tell me Tracy.

Tracy: She’s fighting for survival. They think maybe she might not survive. They are doing some massive operation which might save her life but they don’t think it would work. We will find out tomorrow if she will survive. What shall we do? Should I call Mike?

Gina: No, we don’t want him to worry. We will call up a house meeting. We will ask everyone and see what they did the night she was stabbed. Who would do this crime?

Tracy: You know that everyone was asleep but I bet it is one of the new kids who did this. They seem very suspicious.

Gina: You have no proof; it could be any of them. What shall we do?

 Tracy: We are not giving up until we find out who did this crime.  Imagine what her parents are thinking right now.


Part 12

Someone is banging on the door. Tracy answers it and Melanie’s parents come in.

Mum: How dare you kill my daughter?!

Tracy: We didn’t!

Mum: That’s it, I am going to break something precious of your.

She gets the vase and throws it on the floor. She starts to mess things up.

Tracy: Just calm down.

Everyone is trying to stop her. Melanie’s mum is running upstairs and everyone is following her. She gets some off Tracy’s things and throws them about.

Tracy: Right that is it!

They start to fight.

Mum: You killed my daughter.

They come to the top of the stairs.

Mum: That is it; I am going to my daughter.

She jumps down the stairs, hits her head on the side and falls at the bottom with a scream. 

Tracy: No-o-o!


Part 13

Gina is in the kitchen and Tracy enters.

Gina: Where is she? Is she ok? Did you call the ambulance?

Tracy: Well that’s the last thing I want.

Gina: Tracy, so where are they then?

Tracy: I have put them sleep in the living room. We will sleep in the guest room, I have put another bed. I am not sleeping by myself. You never know what’s going to happen.

Gina: You should off called the ambulance, but it doesn’t matter. How did you calm her down, she was still angry when she woke up?

Tracy: Well I gave her a cup of tea.

Gina: And?

Tracy: Ok, I put a sleeping pill in the tea so she would get drowse.

Gina: You should never do that. Never!

Tracy: I had to, that was the only way she would calm down. Anyway, it’s ok; she will wake up in the morning. Hopefully and if she doesn’t, then she will be with Melanie up in heaven. Amen!  

Gina: If she doesn’t, I will be blaming you!

Tracy: Everything is falling apart, first with Melanie then with Carmen, Lily and Tee.

Gina: What happened between them?

Tracy: Tell you later.

Rory enters

Rory: Why you still up? You do know what time it is. One o’clock. Did you see someone outside, Jack told me, he was getting a midnight shack.

Tracy and Gina notice that Rory had blood all over his hand. Rory is washing his hands

Tracy: More to the point, why you still up?! What’s that all on your hand?

Rory: I don’t know. I woke up and saw it there. Maybe Tyler is pulling a prank on me. The weird thing is it feels like blood. Anyway, why you still up and who is in the living room.

Tracy runs to the telephone and rings 999.

Tracy: Hello, pause. Police please. New info has come. Pause. I think I know who the murder it, Rory. Rory Branning.


Part 14

Tracy is waiting outside, Rory comes.

Rory: Why are the police here?

Tracy: I’m so sorry.

The policeman comes to Rory.

Policeman: I am arresting you for attempted murder.

Rory and Tracy start to cry.

Tracy: I’m so sorry!

Rory: But I never did it.

Tracy: But you had blood on your hand. I am so sorry, but it had to be down. I am so sorry. Please forgive me!

Rory: It could be someone else, like Jack. Why go to be first?

Tracy: I don’t know

Rory: Go to hell Tracy, just go to hell! Crying. Please, don’t take me. Isn’t me! Please don’t let me go. I hate you, you idiot! I HATE YOU!

They take Rory to the police car and they drive off. Tracy waves goodbye while Rory thumps on the window and is still crying.

Queue Ending Title

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