Dani's Castle- Last Days

Get ready as Dani and her friends take the challenge. With everyone leaving, a mysterious light appears. Dani must save everyone from the mysterious light. Who will she save or who will be trapped forever?


4. Stuck In The Light

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Scene 15

Dani waits outside, walking up and down.

Dani: Come on, stupid light. Turn on. (The light turns on.) Yes! (She walks at the entrance of the light, closes her eyes, take a big deep breath. She looks back at the castle and closes her eyes.) I love this place; I promise I will be back soon. (She opens her eyes, walks in and smiles.)

She enters and sees everything is green. She walks around. She sees she can’t get out, and the light has turned off.

Dani: Guys, anyone there? Why is it so quiet? (She walks in; there is door with no handle but there is a window but it is not clear. She bangs on the door.) Hello, anyone there? Who is it? Tell me, shout. Do something? (Suddenly someone is flung on to the door screaming then fell on the ground and disappeared. Dani is scared and falls to the ground, the gets up and bangs on the door.) Open this door. Come one, some one. Get me in! Help me, open this door.

She tries to force the door open, but it won’t open. She tries to kick the door but it doesn’t open. She gives up and drops to the ground, she is crying really loudly.

Dani: Please someone? Open this door or get me out of here. Please someone? Please? Please? Please? Someone help me?

She gets up and tries to force it open three times. On the third the window cracks.

Dani: Can you hear me?

She then tries to force it again, and then the window breaks. She looks inside it.

Dani: Hello, someone, anyone? Please answer me? Where am I? What am I doing? Please help me?

She climbs through the window and to the next room. Kaitlin is back at the castle in the library. She has tears in her eyes and she is stroking a picture of Dani, Kaitlin, Jimmy, Gabe, Esme, Leo and Rich. It goes back to Dani, and she is out from the window, she starts to walk. She looks back and finds a handle with a key on the floor.

Dani: Stupid place!

She walks more and more, and finds another door.

Dani: Great!

She find there is a handle on the other door and she turns it and opens it, she finds Jimmy there.

Jimmy: Dani, why are you here?

Dani: I had to go, to save all of you.

Jimmy: You have to think of yourself. (They hug.)

Dani: What is going on?

Jimmy: That monster, Slender. He is taking everyone, me Leo, Esme, Jack, Ruby and Rich.

Dani: Really, well why are you here?

Jimmy: I was too scared to open the other door.

Dani: I’m here now. But he never dragged me in, I sort of just came.

Jimmy: Save yourself, you can get out.

Dani: I have to save you and everyone else.

Jimmy: Well if you want me to be honest. Save everyone, we need you. You can fight the monster.

Dani: Fight, I can’t fight.

Jimmy: We need you. All of us, even Ruby! Well what are you going to do?

Dani: I don’t know. I’m scared!

Jimmy: Please help us; you’re the only one who can. Please help us? Help us, please? (Dani is getting nervous.)

          Scene 16

There is now, a trailer of what is happening next. This is what happens.

Dani: You lied to me.

Ruby: I’m sorry, please save me?


Esme: You can’t be serious.

Dani: Haunt him yourself.


Ruby: You can only take one person. Who is it going to be, Dani?

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