Dani's Castle- Last Days

Get ready as Dani and her friends take the challenge. With everyone leaving, a mysterious light appears. Dani must save everyone from the mysterious light. Who will she save or who will be trapped forever?


1. Rich

Scene 1

It is night time and Dani is on a chair writing in her journal. Everything she writes is said.

Dani: It has been a year. A lot of things have happened. I started writing a journal. I have no castle; I live in my best friend’s house. My so called best friend betrayed me. And finally, the person I loved is gone. I have written this diary every time I thought about my love. The reason I am probably missing him is because of what he did.

There are flash backs of him kissing Ruby.

Dani: And tomorrow I am going to see the new and improved castle. I should be thinking about that, and the stupid ideas Jimmy has imputed, but all think about it Gabe, his face. He was like no one I have ever met before. He was my soul mate. He was the one for me. The only person, except Kate who understood me. But I was wrong from the day he left. He left me and his sister. What kind of person leaves there sister alone. Esme has always been sad, and even if Gabe does return. I will never forgive me. Not ever!


          Scene 2

Jimmy, Kaitlin and Leo are in the kitchen. Dani enter.

Kaitlin: Good sleep.

Dani: It feels like I only had 5 minutes sleep. Hey, where’s Esme?

Jimmy: Well not here as you can see.

Dani: Thanks for pointing the obvious. Are you guys set?

Kaitlin: Are you sure your okay with this?

Jimmy: Yeah we will love you to be included.

Kaitlin: You’re the best.

Dani: I know.

Esme: (She suddenly enters.) Guess who I saw?

Leo: Who?

Esme: Rich!

Dani: Na, he is not included.

Jimmy: How could you Dani? He is our cousin; it is his castle as well.

Leo: I’m on Dani with this one.

Jimmy: I though you will always be on my side.

Leo: I am but he bailed on us when we really needed it. We called and called he never answered.

Kaitlin: I thought he like me.

Dani: What?

Kaitlin: Nothing, nothing.

Jimmy: Do you really think he deserves to be part of the castle?

Esme: Forget this.

Dani: Esme’s right. We will decide later. Right now we’ve got a castle to see.

Kaitlin: You guys go; Dani and I will catch up. (They all leave.) Are you sure your okay with returning back to the castle?

Dani: Yeah, course I will be.

Kaitlin: Just those, a lot of things have happened so you won’t get upset.

Dani: I’m fine, let’s go. (They both leave.)


          Scene 3

Dani, Leo, Esme, Kaitlin and Jimmy are walking to the castle.

Jimmy: You ready? (They all hold hands, but Esme can’t so the hand goes through her.)

Esme: It’s okay. I’ll walk alone. (They walk near the door.)

Kaitlin: Well it looks different on the outside, ish!

Dani: Apparently it will be different on the outside. The fire didn’t get to the outside. It was lucky. Otherwise we would of-

Esme: Anyway, who wanted to open the door first?

Dani: We should all do it.

Esme: Well I can’t.

Jimmy: No, Dani you do it.

Dani: Me, why? It’s your castle too?

Jimmy: Yeah, but you’re always there for everyone. This was really Dani’s castle. Even though we are on different sides, you are always my best cousin. (They hug.)

Dani: Thanks Jimmy! (She turns the key.)

Kaitlin: Ready!

All: One, Two, Three, Open!

Dani: (She pushes the door but it won’t open.) That’s funny. (She turns the key again.) Ready?

All: One, Two, Three, Open!

Dani: What’s going on? (They all hear the door unlock and then open and Rich comes out.) What are you going here?

Rich: Welcome to our castle. It’s amazing. Everything has changed, and we can use the gadgets.

Dani: What are you doing here, in our castle? I opened.

Jimmy: How could you? We assigned Dani to do that.

Rich: Well who cares. Since we are going to share the castle. 33%, 33%, 33%.

Dani: No, 25%, 25%, 25%, 25%.

Rich: Just to be clear, who else is in the deal?

Dani: Leo and Kaitlin.

Rich: You’re leaving.

Dani: No.

Rich: Jimmy’s leaving.

Dani: No.

Rich: Then what.

Dani: You’re leaving. (They all enter.)


          Scene 4

Everyone except Jimmy, Dani and Rich are looking around. They are sitting in the dining room talking.

Dani: You didn’t answer my calls.

Rich: What calls?

Dani: Texts.

Rich: Whose texts?

Dani: Voice messages.

Rich: Okay, okay. I just didn’t think it was serious.

Jimmy: We were in a fire and you didn’t think that was serious.

Rich: Well, now I made my mistake. We can just slip it under rug.

Dani: We really needed the money.

Rich: Oh.

Jimmy: We had to get all the money we had, including Kaitlin and Leo and then do activates so we can get money.

Dani: We had to do all of this while you were partying in Ibiza.

Jimmy: And when we asked you, you said?

Rich: Nothing.

Dani: If you want to stay, you will have to donate some money.

Rich: Dani, I can’t. I really need the money.

Dani: For what?

Rich: (Long pause and then a sign.) Another holiday okay.

Jimmy: Not acceptable.  

Kaitlin: (She enters the dining room.) This place is amazing. It has 8 bedrooms, a home cinema, bathrooms and even WiFi.

Dani: Yes! I can finally WhatsApp my friends.

Leo: And download music.

Esme: There are bedrooms for everyone.  

Kaitlin: They are all amazing. We left the best three for us. We can pick after you convo with Rich.  

Leo: But are ones are good.

Rich: Where am I meant to go?

Dani: Not our problem.

Rich: (He leaves.) See you.

Jimmy: We won’t see you. Bye!

Dani: Let’s go pick our bedrooms.

Kaitlin: Maybe your being to mean on him. (Dani and Kaitlin stay while the rest leave.)

Dani: I knew it.

Kaitlin: Knew what?

Dani: You like him!

Kaitlin: (She is lost for words.) I was never mean when you liked Gabe.

Dani: I know but, (She starts to sing) Kaitlin and Rich, doing something they should be. (They laugh.) Come on. (They link arms and then go.)

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