SuperWhoLock- A Poem

A poem about SuperWhoLock


1. SuperWhoLock who?

In his 10 past bodies and his box that is blue.

His jammy-dodgers and fez and bow-tie are at hand,

Who knew there was a person to kill this brave man.


Now, collar turned up and scarf tight around neck,

Sherlock solves mysteries but he always has to check,

that John has bought something of importance for cheese,

“John can you make sure you buy the milk please?”


Something that's 'scary' and definitely not factual,

Starts with an S and ends Upernatural,

Has a Dean and a Sam and a Castiel,

Will make you scared of cute dogs, but shh don't you tell.


So what if the Doctor and Sherlock and Dean,

and Castiel and Sam met let's say the Queen,

what would they tell her? What would they say?

Would they all gang up to save yet another day?


For example, a Dalek, a Demon and murder,

all happened to appear on the 1st of November,

would they jump at the chance to save the day,

or would they run and scream a fair way away?


SuperWhoLock is a wonderful thing,

All the new adventures that cross-over can bring.

It's a weird world we live in today,

but hope they make a show of about it one day.

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