Started Small, Ended Big

This is a prequel to Seaweed Brains Sister. It's about Amanda from the time when she was 12 in the orphanage to when she is 17 in the castle. I had some really good ideas for this book and I wanted to make it. The whole thing will be in Amanda's Perspective unless I say otherwise.


1. Who wants to adopt me?

"I'm gonna get you!" I yelled chasing around the little girl. She giggled and ran away towards the bedrooms. I burst through the door as a blonde tuft of hair scurried under the bed. I stood up straight and tapped my chin.

"Now where is Serenity at?" I questioned. She let out a small giggle before it stopped. I walked around the room and stopped next to the bed. I jumped down and yelled.

"There she is!!" I screamed and grabbed her.

I started to tickle Serenity and she laughed hard.

"Let me go Amanda!" Serenity choked out.

Serenity took icing off my cake and wiped it on my cheek. It was my 12th birthday and we were celebrating when that happened. I followed her around the orphanage, trying to catch her.

I finally let her go when Miss Jane walked in. "Amanda come with me please" she said softly. I furrowed my brow but got up and followed her. Serenity gripped my hand tightly as she trailed behind.

"Serenity sweetheart please go sit with the other kids. I have to talk to Amanda in private right now" Miss Jane said.

Serenity looked at me with her big blue eyes.

"It's okay Kitten, I'll be right back" I told her using the nickname I made for her.

She nodded and skipped off towards the common room.

"What's up, Miss Jane?" I asked as we stepped into her office.

There were two people sitting down with their backs to us.

"Sit down please Amanda."

I did as told and sat down in the chair next to her next. Miss Jane sat in her chair and put her hands on the desk. "These kind people would like to adopt you" Miss Jane told me. I turned my attention to the couple sitting in the chairs.

The lady looked about 25 and the man looked no older than 30. They were both wearing fancy clothing and had what looked like crowns on their heads. The lady had long, dark brown hair and startling green eyes. The man had slightly long black hair and brown eyes. Together they looked like a regal pair. Wait a second. "Miss Jane, who are these people?" I asked. 

That was probably rude but I needed to know just who wanted to adopt me.

"Amanda manners!" I sat up straight after being scolded.

"These people are Lillian and Mark Nicholson. They are the king and queen of a country in Europe called Altaria," Miss Jane's voice was shaking " and they would like to adopt you".

I sat back in my chair and brushed the black hair out my eyes.

"You seem like the perfect girl to be our princess" Lillian spoke.

Her voice was soft and quiet. I laughed and sat up.

"A princess! Me, Amanda as a princess. Miss Jane please tell me this is a joke" I scoffed.

She quietly shook her head and gestured for me to sit down. I was mad about this whole thing. One day I'm happy with my life on my birthday then these people come and try to change it. I opened the door and stormed out. Walking into the common room, I was bombarded with questions. I held up a hand and everyone went silent. "Kitten come here" I told her. Serenity came over and sat in my lap. Everyone else gathered around us. My best friend, Diana walked into the room.

She noticed the serious expressions and silently sat down next to me. I took a deep breath. "There are people here who want to adopt me" I said.

Everyone gasped and Serenity looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"You're not gonna leave us right Amanda?" she asked and her voice cracked.

I sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"I might have to Kitten" I whispered.

"No! You can't just leave us Mandy! You're like our mommy, please don't go" A little 5 year old boy named Caleb said. 

     It was true. At 8 years old, I was already caring for the others that came here. I had been placed in this orphanage at birth and never left. I was here since birth then 12 years passed and now they might make me leave. I gripped my necklace. It was a charm necklace with sea animal charms on it. I had it since I was a baby and never took it off. "Guys, it will be okay. You know me! I will find a way back to you all" I promised them. Serenity laid her head down on my chest and fell asleep. I stroked her hair and picked her up. Diana silently took her from my arms and went upstairs to put her to bed. 

    I can't even imagine leaving these kids. Most of the kids were younger than me and looked up to me. The door to the orphanage opened and the older kids walked in laughing. "Then, Samantha was like-" I cut them off with a glare.

All the laughing stopped as they look in the scene.

"What's wrong guys?" Adam asked. 

Adam was a sixteen year old who came here at four years old. I motioned for him and the others to come with me. The little kids all went somewhere in the orphanage, most likely to the garden or playroom.

I sat down on my creaky bed and ran my hand through my hair. "I might be getting adopted" I whispered.

"What?" Adam asked.

He had a heartbroken look on his face. The other teenagers were shocked into silence.

"The best part is, the couple! They are a freaking king and queen of a country. IN EUROPE!" I screamed the last part out, standing up.

"Europe?! Amanda you can't go to Europe!" Jacie screamed.

"That's where they want me to go. I promised the kids that if I do get adopted, I would find my way back but.." I trailed off. Adam put his arms around my waist and pulled me into a hug. He and I had a strong brother-sister relationship. He actually cared for me when I came here.

"Do you want me to call Luke?" he whispered. I nodded and Adam let go of me. He whipped out his cell phone and left the room.

Adam and Luke were the guys that I trusted the most. Luke was 18 and it was strange how I met him. I was walking to my taekwondo classes and I saw him fighting someone. He was kind of losing so I stepped in. I twisted the other guys arm and broke his wrist. Luke was surprised but he thanked me. After that, we became really good friends. That was when I was 9 so three years ago. I was young but I could fight. I might have had a crush on him for a while after that but it passed.

Adam came in and wrapped me in another hug. The other teenagers wrapped us in a group hug. "If you do leave, you won't forget us right babes?" Tyler asked.

"I could never forget you guys! Besides you're too annoying to forget" I joked.

He fake gasped and turned away. A knock on the door interrupted our laughing.

I opened it and was wrapped in a bone crushing hug. "Adam told me what's going on" Luke whispered. I sighed and placed my head on Luke's chest.

"I don't want to leave" I said in a voice no bigger than a whisper.

He nodded showing that he understood and softly stroked my hair. I couldn't help it and tears started to flow freely. "Luke, I just can't leave them! All these people are my family and leaving them would hurt all of us" I sobbed. He whispered comforting words in my ear as I let the last of the tears fall. 

We pulled away to see that we were the only people left in my room. I wiped my tears and took a deep breath. Luke grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I smiled and felt a blush creeping up my cheeks. We walked out and Miss Jane was escorting Lillian and Mark to the door. She looked back at me with sadness in her eyes. The door closed after them and Miss Jane slumped against the door. Her brown hair was getting gray streaks in it. 

"Miss Jane? Did they?..." I asked. She nodded sadly and stood up. I can't believe this.

"When are they coming back for her?" Luke asked.

"In a few weeks. There are preparations needed to be finished in their country" Miss Jane told him but I wasn't listening.

I can't believe I just got adopted by a royal couple.

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