lucky lucy

finally they were on there way 6 hours but worth it said lucy.


1. finally happening

ok so today is the day I get my drivers licenses! I also have one direction tickets and so im driving 6 hours to the concert! so worth it! my friend Ashley I coming with me. she and I were best friends at birth. that night before the concert I could not go to sleep. was feeling awful. u puked last night and went to bed. the morning I felt fine and I got up and took a shower. when I was done I put on my fave toms on. (one direction ones) so I called Ashley to tell her to get ready because I was going to pick her up in 1 hour. an hour pasted I drive to Ashley's and we head off. when we got there we went and gave our tickets to the ticket collector. and when we got in the concet started! through out the concert they have been choosing girls to be on stage and I was hoping to be one of the lucky girls! but no they picked Ashley! so she got to go up there when the final song came I was picked! when I got up there I got nerves and I puked all over the stage running for the backstage! I was chased by the Niall Horan! Niall's POV: love you ok? ya I said to him.ya sometimes nervers can get to you I said to lucy. when I looked at her I knew I had to get her no matter how hard it was! she was just so sexy! so you going to be ok? ya I just need sometime alone. she replyed to me. can I help you even though you said I need time alone?? ya I guess so the reply was.     

 hey guys lucy here but this is only my second book so please don't hate it like it fave it I know it is only the beginging but anyways can I get some lovers on my profile im young sweet and very respectful! well anyways thanks for atleast for reading ill update soon im getting a computer soon so ill be able to update more comment how it is! love my readers! thank you my last book is till it happened sorry that book is not very ggod but ya I tried my best love you guys ;]

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