The boy a thousand miles away from me ***sequal to the boy down the street***

***sequal to The boy down the street****
"I will get you back Daria, I promise." I let her hand go, she was gone. just.... gone.


8. ..

I know my last "chapter" was a little weird so I am actually writing a chapter now.


           Daria's POV:

  I went home, no one was there. except for Louis. "What are you doing in my house." I snapped.

     "I'm here to talk" he calmy stated getting up from the sofa.

     "I don't want to talk" I kept my annoyance in my throat.

    "please let me talk Daria" I rolled my eyes but nodded sitting down in the chair.

    " I know, your a little mad, and that I didn't find you when I said I promised and I had that girl, who I broke up with by the way. I just want things back with you and me."

          I am stopping the chapter because I don't feel like I am owning my own book. I don't really feel like writing what somebody else is telling me to write because what I am thinking and writing sucks. I am doing this book my way.



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