The boy a thousand miles away from me ***sequal to the boy down the street***

***sequal to The boy down the street****
"I will get you back Daria, I promise." I let her hand go, she was gone. just.... gone.


10. chapter 10: happily ever after?

 im sorry for not updating :(



  I took her to an amusement park, cause who doesnt like amusement parks? i mean c'mon! We stayed their for two hours, ate cotton candy, won her a stuffed animal, and got to hold her hand on most of the rides. best day ever.

  "Thanks for letting me take you out.." her smile made my head spin, my brain stops thinking.

  "It was fun.. i mean- i had a fun time.. we should do this again." I grinned and nodded. She smiled and opened the car door. I caught her hand and pulled her back to kiss her. I was waiting for rejection, but she went with it. our lips in sync, it felt like electricity, i needed Daria.


  what was i doing? right now, i didnt care, all i wanted right now was Louis. Louis. Louis. we broke apart, smiling into each others eyes. I pecked his cheek and got out of his car, i litteraly skipped up to my front door.

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