An eye for an eye

This poem is for the movellas gets political competition, its about crime and punishment and the famous quote 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'.


1. An eye for an eye

You want to change the world? The world’s a big place.

You want a better life? Don’t tamper with fate.

You want to light the way? The darkness will fall.

You want to move a mountain? You’re not that tall.

You want to reach the stars? They’re a billion light years away.

You want world peace? Pain is here to stay.

So what’s the use is fighting crime,

 when that’s the only way some can survive?

Tell me how you could sleep at night,

Knowing you’ve ended one man’s fight,

To feed his starving children.

How can you go about your day calling this man a villain?

The Decalogue states we shall not murder,

So who would kill an innocent worker?

David Spence, Leo Jones, just to name a few,

Men who’d done nothing, innocent as me and you,

1997 and 1998,

Not too long ago for a hefty mistake,

You say technology will get better; the guilty deserve to die,

Personally I’m not a believer of an eye for an eye,

For this takes away the ability to see,

The ability to decide where next to land our feet.

 I agree that the cruel need to be tamed,

This world can’t run without someone to blame,

But at the end of the day these people are people,

There’s no prove they were born evil,

It’s nurture not nature, the way you’re bought up,

It doesn’t take much for them to erupt,

I know they don’t deserve love, but they need it to change,

And surely a better person makes the world a better place,

Reformation, reclamation, whatever you say,

It’s just being a better person at the end of the day,

There’s always going to be the good and the bad,

It’s the legend old theory of ying and yang,

But there’s white in the black, a very small amount,

Buts it’s the very thing we must take into account,

In every dark room there’s a flicker of light,

The trick is to hold onto it and make it bright,

For every tear there’s a smile, a birth for every death,

And I’ll argue this point with my very last breath,

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,

We need to move forward and leave the past behind,

But someone can only do this

 if they are alive. 

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