Unforgetable (ON HOLD - EDITING)

This is the sequel of Love at the first side.


3. Tour Starts


I was feeling ok. And Bella and I were closer. Today I was getting out of this hell (hospital). It felt like I spend all my year at hospitals.

The tour was starting today too. The car which was going to take us to the airport was at the entrence of the hospital. Louis was here, the others were at the airport waiting for us. Louis was finishing the paper works while Bella was packing. I was just laying on the bed.

"Hey! We can go now" Louis said. I tried to get up. Louis and Bella rushed to help me. They helped me to go to the car.

The car took us to the airport. Bella was helping me to walk at the airport. I was able to walk but she was still helping.

I turned and looked at her face. She kissed my cheek. I smiled.


I was closer with Harry now. And it felt good. I started to think that I loved him but I wasn't sure yet.

He smiled me once more. It was the time for our fligth. We got to the plane. I was sitting next to Harry. I looked at him. He was looking at me. He kissed me. I kissed him back and smiled. Our fligth started. I putted my head to Harry's shoulder. And he putted his head on mine. We both fall asleep like that.


Our plane landed. We were at Maimi now.

"Bella, Bella wake up love. We were here" I said, trying to wake Bella. She opened her eyes.

"Hey" she said. I repied her. We got out of the plane. He went throw the all that passport things and got to the car. On our way to the car, we took some photos with the fans.

We got to the hotel. Bella's room was conceted to mine. I asked for that because I wanted her to be close to me. She agreed with my idea.



I was tired after the flight and a full day with Harry. It was getting late. I got into my bed and tried to sleep, I couldn't.

I got to Harry's room. The door conceted our rooms was open but I knocked it. He looked at me.

"I can't sleep. Even if I can I know I'm going to have nigthmares" I said.

"Ok" he said. It was more like whispering.

" You know... One day we were sleeping together. I wasn't asleep yet. You started to sweat, shake and cry. I woke you up. You told me it was a nigthmare..." he said.

I was listening him but I wasn't able to remember. It made me sad. It made me sad to loose all those memories.

"I asked you that, what was the nigthmare about? First, you didn't tell me. Than you told me that it was about lossing me. I told you that, you didn't have to worry, it was all wrong. I told you that, we were going to be together, forever. Doesn't matters what. Now look we're still together, even after all things that happened" he said.

I was smiling but I wanted to cry. It was the most beatiful memory I heard. But I didn't remembered it.

He petted his bed. I went next to him and sat to his beds corner. Than I layed to his chest. He hugged me. I started to cry.

"Hey! Why are you crying?" He asked asked.

"Cause, I can't remeber any of those memories. But they are all beatiful" I said.

Finally I stopped crying.

"Can you tell about our first date again?" I asked. He smiled and nodded.

"I was excited to go on that date with you because I only knew you from our texts. I walked to your door and knocked it. You opened it. You looked beatiful in you staplez red dress. You weren't sure about this date. Because you didn't thougth that I really wanted to ask you out. I told you thst you were the one I wanted go out with" he said. I kissed him. He smiled.

"yes..." I said, laying on his chest.

"I took you to a hotel. I had preapared a speacial dinner. We had our dinner while we were chating. Than we cuddled on the grass. At that moment I started to think that you were the one that I really wanted to call my girlfriend. But the time i realised I loved you was when we kissed at Trope park" he said.

"Soo. After awhile, it was getting late, I drove you home. We walked holding hand till the door. I asked you to be my girlfriend before you got in. You said yes. At that moment I was the happiest guy in the all world" he said. I smiled and kissed him once more.

"Tommorow, you're telling me our first kiss" I said. He smiled and nodded. Than he kissed me.

"Goodnigth" he said.

"Goodnigth" I repieted. It was the first time, I'm sleeping with Harry after my memory lost.

I fall asleep on his chest, peacefully...

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