Band Of Brother(s)

Jette is Michael Cliffords little sister. She helpes the band from the very beginning, and falls in love. But fame makes their lives, their love, so much more complicated.


1. Whispers

Jette's POV

I wake up from my alarm clock on the first day of school after summer break. It takes a while before my hand findes the off button. Like every morning, I fall asleep again like the alarm never went off. An half hour later I wake up again from a loud knock on the door.

"Michael! Go away!" Another knock. "Michael!"

"Yeah, yeah. You need to be at school in half an hour." Half an hour? Shit! I get up really quick and put on the first clothes I find. A black skater skirt and a pink tanktop. Quickly I run down stairs, hoping that my mum made some breakfast. I'm lucky, there's some yoghert left. I take some strawberries and put them in.

"You should get out of bed when your alarm goes off." I roll my eyes and mumble "I know."

"You do? Well that's great. So tomorrow you'll be down on time then." Mum gives me a kiss on my cheek. "Have fun today!"

"Bye." Have fun, pfff. Parents really don't get that the words 'school' and 'fun' just don't fit in one sentice.

I run upstairs to brush my teeth. Like always, I put on some loud music while doing it. Ed Sheeran echoes through our bathroom. "We'll play hide and seek, to turn this around." The music is so loud that I almost don't hear the doorbell ring. Almost. With my teethbrush still between my teeth I run downstairs and open the front door. "Hey." I put my finger in the air as a 'hi' back.

"Calum! You're early. Michael pushes me back upstairs. I try to protest, but that's really hard when you aren't able to talk. "If you want a ride, be ready in 5 minutes."

I give my brother a 'I'm going to kill you' look and hurry back to the bathroom. It takes four minutes to put on my mascara and I put my long dark blonde hair in a pony tail. "Jette!"

"Coming, coming." I run to my room and try to remember wich books I need today. But my memory sucks and I end up taking every book I can find.

"Jette!" With two steps at once I try to run downstairs. But I trip over my own feet and end up falling down the last four steps.

"You okay?" Calum gives me his hand and helps me up. "Couldn't be better. Let's go!"

Michaels POV

The first couple hours off school were horrible. I've got the same teachers as last year for almost every class and they all remember me as the 'rebel'. One of my teachers thought it would be a good idea to pair me up with Luke Hemmings. The one guy at school I just simply can't stand. He's annoying, arrogant and my partner for chemistry this year.

"He's a good student. Just use him to do your homework." Calum still thinks Luke is 'cool'. Even after he made sure the whole school made fun of me when my girlfriend dumped me last year. He said he didn't spread the story, but I know he did.

"Let's sit here." I sit down and start to play with my food. This year is going to be awefull. I can see Calum waving at someone and look up. The table next to ours is taken by my sister and her friends. She always eats with a big group. I think there about 8 guys and 6 girls at her table every day. She also waves at me and I wave back.

From the corner of my eye I can see someone kicking my backpack.

"Sorry man." Luke and his best buddy James walk past us and I curse when I get up to get the backpack.

Luke and James walk towards Jette's table. Luke starts a converstation with Jette and I can feel the anger burning inside of me. He can hurt me as much as he likes, but he must stay away from my sister. I keep watching them when I walk back to my seat. He whispers something in her ear and I am trying so hard to keep control.

"Michael, are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Jette wishpers something back. Then, Luke kisses her on the cheek and walks away.

I've lost it. Something snaps and before I know it I run after him, crap his shoulder to turn him around and punch him in the face. For a moment he is to suprised to response. But when I try to punch him again, he takes both of my fists and kicks me twice: once in my stomach and once in my balls. I fall on my knees. He punches me in my face and tries to do it again, but Jette stops him.

"What the hell do you guys think you're doing?!" She kneels infront of me. I can feel something warm streaming from my nose. Blood.

"I'm taking you to the nurse" she helps me up and turns to Luke before we walk away. "Saturday is off."

"What's saturday?"

"Nothing." "Well there was something..."

"He was asking me if I could help him studying, that's all." He probably just asked that so he could give her that kiss. God, I hate him.

Luke's POV

"Have you seen Jette?" The nice nurse says she's in a classroom not far away from here. I thank her and try to find her. When I do, I see she's talking to Michael and decite it's better to wait for her to come out on her own. I take a seat in the first chair I find. I screwed it up. I always screw everything up. Jette hates me now. I would also hate myself if I were her.

"Jette!" She turns around. She looks a little bit angry. Just a little bit. There's some other emotion I can't place. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to start a fight."

"Why did you asked it?" Now I can see what the other emotion is. Disappointment. "Because I think you're really cool. And I would love to watch a film with you on saturday."

She smiles and I automaticly smile back. "Okay, but don't pick me up. I'll come to you."

"Does he know?" She shakes her head.

"Ofcourse not, I told him you wanted me to help you study."

"Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford, please come to the principals office." I give Jette a kiss on her cheek. "See you on saturday."

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