The Pact

"The pact was created to protect a secret. Heavy and dangerous secret that would cause the death of each of his followers if he were to be terminated "

Justin Bieber et Ava Kinson

I took the name Ava in honor of Avalanna our little Angel


1. Please don't leave me. I need you...

All that blood, there was so much blood! I felt helpless, it was crazy, I could not do anything, I was paralyzed. He was lying in my arms and he lost little by little life.I hugged him tighter against me, begging him to stay. He could not leave, he could not let me. My hands were sticky, my face too. His blood was sprayed on my cheek.


"Justin ... Help me, I'm dying! "


I woke up suddenly in bed. Even the damn nightmare. I was exhausted. I stood still for a moment. My breathing was really loud and it was hard to breathe properly so I sat up and tried to calm me down. I pulled my t-shirt that clung to my skin and swung as hard as I could against the opposite wall. I lied down gently, taking my time, I tried not to close my eyes again. I knew I still see his face, I see him again die before my eyes. I do not need that, especially not now.


Tomorrow I leave San Francisco. I'm going to leave everything I knew from my childhood and it was hard leaving everything behind me and more if I had to have all these memories in mind, it would be unbearable. I left because I had found a host family, far from here. At Pasadena, near Los Angeles. I did not know anyone, it was not so bad for me, for my future, I mean. According to the judge, it would be beneficial, and then it was not for long, if it goes wrong. Yes, I was eighteen in two months.

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