All That Matters

It's just a game to him. To her it's much more. To her it's love, not yet, but we all know she's going to let him in. Maybe wen she sees how he treats his nerdy brother, or when he's just plain sexy. What ever it is, harry always gets what he wants. And right now. Harry wants her.


1. Phone

I glanced at my friend Brenda and laughed, my friend Anna rolled her eyes.
"You better fucking hold me back before I pound the shit outta her." Anna hissed, making me and Brenda laugh. "Dyke!" Anna yelled at the girl. I laughed some more an watched dara offer me a cigaret
"No thanks. Don't smoke that shit." I mumbled, Brenda grabbed it from Dara and rolled her eyes at me.
"Ya maybrys a goody." She joked.
"Such a goody." Anna joked aswell.
"Too good." Dara joined, I laughed. "Shit! Schools gon start soon!" She stated, we started walking back to school. 
It's only our second month of high school and we get high almost every lunch period.
"What's up with that harry guy?" Anna asked me, I rolled my eyes.
"Nothing! Brenda, you got a big mouth!" I laughed she put her hands up in mock defeat, "he just looks at me alot!" I stated.


I giggled at a text as I walked down the empty school hallway. My phone got grabbed out of my hand and I glanced up to see harry standing over me. 
"Aren't you the cutest little junior." He stated, biting his lip and glancing down my shirt.
"Can I have my phone back please?"I asked, my voice shaking.
"Are you scared of me?" He laughed, I glanced down.
"Please?" I asked, using my acting skills to look terrified. 
"Ey!" A voice yelled, I glanced up to see one of the boys harry usually walks around with walk up to us. 
"Hey man." Harry slid his hand to my ass and gave a light squeeze. "Play along." He whispered it so quietly I could barley hear him.
 "You were serious?" The guy said, laughing.
"Ya man. Me and her fuck all the time," harry lied, giving my ass another squeeze.
"Stop." I hissed, pushing him away. he frowned. "Give me my phone." I snapped, harry rolled his eyes and took my phone from his pocket, dangling it too high for me to grab. "Give me my phone or ill fucking kill you." I spat, I hate when people take my phone. He rolled his eyes, 
"Please, your tiny." He chuckled, his friend laughed.
"I take it you don't fuck. At all." His friend laughed. "Nice try mate." 
 I rolled my eyes and walked to him, putting my hands on his shoulders and leaning to his ear. 
"Trust me. I'm crazy, you dont want to fuck with me." I whispered.
"No. I think I do." He laughed, making me roll my eyes. He frowned slightly but slid the phone into my back pocket. 
"Watch your back." I threatened as I jogged to my class.

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