The New Me

Mandy has always admired her big sister, Ellen. But when Mandy goes to stay with her uncle for the weekend, that weekend will really change her life forever!


1. A Rainy Day

Mandy sat at her window seat writing a letter to her big sister Ellen in London while the rain drops  rolled down the window.  "Mandy,stop day dreaming and start your homework"said her mum. "Give me that,another letter to Ellen,you need to stop, Ellen needs to concentrate on her job not writing you letters all day, now come on start your homework ,Dear" said her mum. "Yes mum,I just can't stop thinking about her ,it's not the same without her". Mandy ran down stairs sat down at the table and started on her homework.  She didn't have much to do so she just sat down and started to draw.  Drawing would always take her mind off Ellen. Her imagination would go wild. She would draw her dad who died when she was 2. She would start to draw tigers and big fancy houses with carriages out front.  She also  drew men and women dancing the night away under the stars as if they were diamonds shining in the sky. Sometimes, if Mandy just couldn't stop thinking about Ellen, she drew her and Ellen on her swing set, Ellen pushing her on the swing.  "Mum", Mandy shouted "Mum Is Ellen coming for a visit sometime" "I don't know do you want me to phone her to see if she wants to come next week" shouted mum.  "Yes,yes yes I can't wait", I shouted back.   "Oh sorry Mandy I forgot your going to stay with your uncle Martin next week", she shouted back.  "NOOOOOOOOO! My life is over !!!!" Mandy thought.  That night when she went to bed she kept tosing and turning.  She couldn't stop thinking about Ellen and that she's not coming next week.  Mandy hated her uncle Martin, she thought he was grouchy and mean and could never have any fun.  That night Mandy had a dream that she had turned into Ellen and that nobody thought there was such thing as herself.  "No" she said "I'm Mandy, stop stop stop!" She said waking herself up. " I need to stop.  I need to stop thinking about Ellen,  but she just couldn't. Ellen was her best friend in all the world...

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