Hi I'm carter yeah it might sound like a guys name but it's my name and I like it I'm 19 an my last name well I don't know wat it is I was adopted so I don't have a last name oh well! Oh I forgot to mention I have a daughter named Diana she so much like her dad but she will never meet him after wat he did to us.


1. prologue

Hey I'm Carter it may be I guys name but you know what I don't care I like my name it's unique for a girl so who cares. I'm 19 I have a daughter named Diana she's a lot like her dad but different in so many ways that u can't even explain, I hoping she won't ask any questions about her dad because I know one day I'm going to have to tell her but I don't want him to meet her not after wat he did to us.


Hey this is my first fan fic so no hate plz and sett I'm a little rude I forgot to tell u my name we'll name is... Jordan so anyway I will try and update as soon as I get ideas for this book so see ya in the next update!!!!

~ Jordan <3

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