Love and Cuddles

Me and Phoebe were always the good girls. Homework on time never incomplete, never bunked or scived, and never EVER had boyfriends, or anything to do with boys! Until I met connor, everything seemed to change.


1. Chapter 2

We got into Phoebe's , her little brother and mum were arguing as per usual. We grabbed a juice carton each and a packet of crisps and ran for the door to get away. Honestly, if you don't walk into an argument between her little brother and mum at Phoebe's something is seriously wrong "Did you see that boy?" Phoebe asked, with a smirk on her face, her dimples glinting in the sunlight. "Yeah, he smiled at me" I replied. "At you? Are you honestly sure, i wasn't looking, I was too busy looking at my chipped acrylic, seriously they said these would last a month, its been two weeks, they cost me A BOMB!" "Oh Phoebe is there ever an occasion when you don't have a mid-life crisis?" I asked, chuckling to myself. She gave me one of her looks as if to say, shutup or I will seriously start something you won't be able to finish, I hated that. She seriously thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. We regularly had these sleepovers, I mean we always quarrelled, but it never lasted too long, we had known each other since nursery. We first met over a crayola. She had the red one, she was pretending it was lipstick, and I wanted it to colour my wendyhouse roof in. We snapped it in the end, I don't know but ever since then we became best friends for like EVER!

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