Reality Ruined OUR Life.

Hillary Star. An 18 year old girl that lives in London. She's an only child and her parents are divorced, although Teddy -her best friend- seems like a sister for her. Hillary has the best day of her life, meeting One Direction on a M&G. Loads of things happen afterwards, for you to find out what.
Hillary gets a lot of news and bad stuff coming her way, will she tell the people close to her? Or keep it a secret?
This is Reality Ruined OUR Life.


69. Secret To Be Told.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

All the presents I got were from 1D XD I'm so fucking happy and THEIR PERFUME SMELLS AMAZING EVEN MORE THAN THAT I CANT EXPLAIN. It's perfect!

What did you get? Hope it's filled with much love and family/friends time! You shouldn't be and aren't alone <3


It didn't take long before Niall did a sign for me to come on stage. I was shaking so fucking much. I sighed deeply, slowly getting on stage with some help of a worker here. I think everyone saw how much I was trembling, the presenter and the boys noticed when I gave them a hug. I smiled weakly, sitting in between Niall and Harry. Everyone in the crowd started whispering, frowning as they were watching me. Some were smiling, cheering and waving though.

'So you all know that this is Hillary.. Well... My-..' Niall bit his lip, looking around before turning his head towards me. 'My girlfriend..' the crowd gasped loudly, talking louder to each other as they were all shocked. Most of them seemed to have expected it, well I guess they were used to it because everyone -mostly the newspapers- were spreading the rumours already.

Niall and I both started blushing, as the boys were smilling brightly. 5 more minutes and I swear I'm going to explode.

'Well that's adorable! And I'm sure many people will love to hear this! How long have you been dating?'

I widened my eyes, knowing this was the limit. Fuck. Now they'll know we lied to them all these months.

'Uhm.. F-four months..' Niall mumbled while I looked down at my hands.

'Oh.. B-but what about all these questions from different people? You kept denying it?' the presenter asked and I felt like crying, just because I hated lying and we literally did to the whole world..

'I know.. But I didn't want anyone to hate on her.. It was a stupid thing to do, but it's my fault. I wanted us to have a private relationship..'

No one talked, the crowd was quiet and the presenter slowly nodded, talking about something else again after a few minutes.

I was still so scared, realizing we will both have million of questions in the following interviews, and the fans freaking out on social media..




We all ran up to the limo after the interview, trying to get in as soon as possible, but obviously many people were outside the building. Paps and fans were shouting different stuff. 

'So you guys are dating?'

'Hillary why did you let Niall keep it a secret?'

'Why did you guys decided to confirm it now all of a sudden?'

'Why did you lie to us?'

So. Many. Questions.

I was getting frustrated. Niall explained why it was a secret, they should be happy now. I got a few texts from friends, mostly Lou, Eleanor and Sophia, saying they're proud and happy it's out and that I shouldn't worry about the hate. Pretty hard since it's probably going to be the only thing I will get.

I felt really bad that I couldn't talk to the fans or paps before we got into the limo, but then again they'd ask me about Niall and I and probably be mad.

I stared outside as Niall went to sit next to me. I saw fans pushing themself into the windows, banging on it so we could notice them. I know the boys always want to say hi too, but it's impossible with their busy schedule and for their safety.

'I'm proud you told it' Louis smiled. I bit my lip and didn't reply. I don't know why we were in a limo. They normally always come get us with a cab or separate cars.

'It was awkward though', Niall chuckled lightly.

'I saw lots of people crying and whispering.'

'Some people are still shocked Hill' Liam said and rubbed my back.

I took my phone and went on Twitter, they probably wrote million of rude stuff to me already. Niall took his phone out too. I scrolled through my timeline and all I saw were things about the interview. I got a new notification, showing Niall tweeted.


@NiallOfficial"This is why I wanted to keep it a secret.. Hillary is getting shit load of hate while she didn't do anything. Blame it all on me, but I love her and hating won't change that."


I smiled weakly and kept scrolling, seeing more tweets from each boy.


@Louis_Tomlinson"You should all be happy for Nialler. He has been waiting so fucking long for the right woman and he finally found her. They truly love each other so get over it."


@Real_Liam_Payne"You guys need to stop hating on Niall and Hilla. if you have anything bad to say, keep it to yourself. We love you all but this hate is getting too much."


@zaynmalik"I love u guys. Hillary does too, please show her some love back.. She didn't do anything wrong."


@Harry_Styles: "Why is a girl who's never done anything bad towards others, getting so much hate? We love her, so you can too. Now that they announced they're dating most of you suddenly don't like her anymore."


I liked their tweets and put my phone away, looking out of the window again. Niall took my hand in his and smiled down at me. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

'We all tweeted something, it won't work but they need to stop' Zayn sighed before everyone agreed.

'I saw the tweets, but I don't think it'll go over soon..'

'They need to live with it. All of our girlfrineds got hate, but most of them finally accepted it after a while.'

'I know..' I bit my lip.


The boys were right, I should just wait.. Maybe take a break from social media for a while before it gets too much.

'But when are you going to tell the bigger news?' Harry asked.

I totally forgot that was there too. Fuck. I started worrying and shaking again, watching all the boys. 'I-.. I don't know.. It's all so fast..'


'I know babe, but we need to.. Take as much time as you want but they will eventually notice it themself.. It's better to say it as soon as possible, so they won't give more hate because we kept that as a secret too..' Niall replied, lying his head on my shoulder. I slowly nodded and stared at my hands.

We arrived at my house soon, giving a hug and kiss on the boys' cheek before getting out of the limo.

'Ignore the tweets, okay?' Harry whispered through the hug. I nodded and took Niall's hand.

'I can at least take your hand now in public' he smirked.

I started smiling brighter, nodding in agreement. Thank god we can finally do that, I was tired of hiding it and not being able to show my love towards him in public. I opened my door and got in with Niall following behind, sitting down on the couch after we took something to drink. Niall turned the TV on, and ofcourse there was someone talking about Niall and me again. We should just skip all those channels and social media, but that's pretty fucking hard.

"Yes, they finally confirmed it! Niall Horan and Hillary Star are officially dating! Well, not all Directioners think they're really cute like we do", I rolled my eyes and turned my head to Niall for a brief moment before looking at the TV again. "Hillary has been getting a lot of hate after the interview, all of the One Direction boys wrote something on Twitter to show their love and support towards Ms. Star.."

She showed all of the tweets on the screen. "Hillary retweeted all of them. We also saw Hillary and Niall happily holding hands and going into her house a few minutes ago. Aren't they lovely?"

'Seriously? How quick are they?' I groaned. 'Really quick..' Niall sighed.

We turned the TV off and went upstairs, this was such a tough day.

'Goodnight princess' Niall smiled, giving me a kiss on my lips when we got in my bed.

'Goodnight love' I laid my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around my waist. We slowly fell asleep.




Niall's P.O.V.

I slowly opened my eyes, turning my head to the right. I have said it million of times, but Hillary is so cute when she's asleep. She always is though. I still had my arms wrapped around her body, while she still laid closely to me. I felt her moving a little before she opened her eyes.

'Goodmorning babe'

'Morning' she mumbled, closing her eyes again. She stretched her arms and legs. I chuckled and went through her blonde hair with my hands. I gave her a kiss on the forehead. Her phone suddenly started ringing, she quickly turned around and answered.


'Hey - yeah - I know, yeah - ofcourse - come on! - he does take care of me! - the others too yes.. - Don't worry, okay? - don't worry! - it's just hate - I know, but-.. Okay.. - It's alright, have fun on your vacation - don't worry about me, just enjoy - okay, bye, I love you too..'

I frowned and waited for her to end. 'Who was that?' I asked.

'My mom'

'Oh, thought so'

'Yeah, she's worried again' Hillary sighed. 'Understandable.'

'I know, but it's annoying. I know she does it because she loves me, but she exaggerates too much sometimes. I'm eighteen, you know'

'I know, but other people might not even have someone who cares that much about them' she nodded, lying her head back on a pillow.

'I have a concert today'

'Really?' she groaned.

'Yes, but only today.'


'Not far away from my place' Hillary nodded and smiled weakly.

'Aren't you coming?'

'I really want to, but I might go to El'

I nodded and watched her text Eleanor. She soon replied, saying she was fine with it. I smiled and stood up, changing into other clothes.

'Nialler? Have you seen my new shoes yet?' Hillary shouted from the bathroom.

'No, did you lose them again?' I chuckled.

'Nooo, okay yes, but really?'

'I didn't see them!' I laughed, looking around the room and found them under the bed. I walked over to the bathroom, stopping at the door. I laughed when I saw her looking into the bathtub.

'Found them. You don't need to throw them under your bed, especially if you don't want to lose them' I handed her shoes back. 'Funny' she groaned before I made my way to her room again. I sat down on the bed and went on Twitter. I checked Hillary's account and saw her followers were even more than before.

'Babe, your follows are going up!'

'Really? Well that's good.. I guess..' she smiled weakly, coming into the room.

'I know they still love you, they're just jealous because you have the best boyfriend ever' I smirked.

'That's very true' she smiled and gave me a kiss on my lips. 'It'll get better.'

I'm happy she isn't making a big deal of it, or at least not showing. She's relaxed, and I like that. It's great that she doesn't let stupid things come to her head, the hate tweets will start getting less eventually. I stood up and changed into another shirt. Hillary and I went downstairs afterwards, taking something to eat before getting ready.

'Done?' I asked, she nodded in return.

I nodded and took my keys, leaving the house with Hillary following behind and getting into the car. Loads of paps and fans saw us, running towards us and shouting like always. We just fucking got out of the house!

'Hey girls, we need to go now.. I'm so sorry' Hillary said as polite as she could be, which wasn't really hard. I just hoped the girls understood and wouldn't be mad. 'It's alright, we'll hopefully see you both later! I can't believe this, we love you so much! You're both the most adorable couple ever!'

Hillary started blushing when I had the biggest smile on my face. We thanked them, replied with an "i love you" and drove off of Hillary's parking lot. We headed to Eleanor's house, dropping Hillary off before I left to the place where the boys and I had to perform.

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