Once A Liar Always A Liar

The perfect little town of Rosewood holds more than its fair share of secrets, and for four estranged friends, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily, their darkest ones are about to unravel. But there is one friend you don’t know about. She moved right after Ali went missing. She was always Ali’s favorite due to the fact she never let Ali push her around. Now it’s been a year and Gemma St. Clair has moved back to Rosewood and she couldn’t have picked a worse time to move back. What with the mysterious –A threatening her former friends. Will she stay out the drama or will she be sucked into it as well. After all never trust a liar. Once a liar always a liar right? Also how will her former friends react when they find out she is back? With open arms? Or will they throw her to –A? You will have to read to find out.


1. Welcome Back To Rosewood

I was getting some fresh in air in town. We had just moved back to Rosewood after being in England for a year. Some things happened and we are now back in Rosewood. I hated this town. I still do. You may ask what happened in England and my reply would be you have your secrets and I have mine. Yes that’s exactly what the people of Rosewood do. They bury their secrets so far down that one day they would all just explode. It’s not healthy but what can you do in a small town like Rosewood? I heard my best friend Ali DiLaurentis body had finally been found. Honestly it didn’t come as a shock to me. After just vanishing that night one year ago I had given up hope. I was always hanging on to the idea that she was still out there somewhere. I was always her favorite I guess you could say. My other best friends had no backbone to them when it came to Ali. I also heard Aria was back as well. They had moved to Iceland as well, the same time I went to England. To be honest I didn’t have much contact with them. I just wanted to move on from this tiny town that always seemed to have secrets. Secrets that scared me as a child. But here I am back and stronger than ever. What happened in England had made me a stronger person.

“Oh my god! Gemma is that you?” I heard someone ask.

“Yes. Hello Ems.” I say hugging the girl that had once been my best friend.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe your back. Now that your back the old gang is all back. Aria moved back a few months ago.” She says releasing me from the hug.

“Yes I had heard she was back.” I say picking at my dress.

“I was just on my way back to Hanna’s since I am staying there for a while. Well just until I can join my parents in Texas this summer. You should come.” She says pleading with me.

“I don’t know Em. You remember how my dad was. He is still that way.” I say trailing off. A part of me really wanting to hang out with her.

“Oh just text your mom. You know she will cover for you.  You were always her favorite. Honestly you were everyone’s favorite.” She says looking at me.

“Fine. I guess it should be okay. Can we stop by my house so I can change? I have been in the same clothes since 1 am when we got into Rosewood.” I say hoping she would say yes. I am cold and I always run cold.

“Yeah that should be fine. Do you have a car? I don’t have a car yet.” She asks me.

“Yeah of course. We had our things shipped here last month.” I say as we start walking to my car.

“Wow nice care Gem!” She exclaims seeing my shiny silver Mercedes Jeep. “Thanks. Dad’s way of trying to buy me off I guess.” I say shrugging getting into the driver’s side.

“So how have you been Gemma? I take it you have heard all about Ali.” She says buckling up as I pull out of the parking spot.

“Yeah I heard. Her mum called mine to tell mine about it. I have been holding up.” I say looking out my window.

“Yeah it was all a shock to us. I think we all hoped that she was out there somewhere just waiting to come back.” Emily says looking out the window.

“Yeah I know. We all hoped that.” I say pulling into my driveway. We were only like 5 minutes away from my house. I honestly could have walked to town. But honestly I wanted to try my new car out.

“Wow your house hasn’t changed a bit. I remember all of the sleepovers we had. We always had so much fun together Gem.” She says sadly.

“Well things change Ems. Just like people. We aren’t all the same like we used to be.” I say pulling out my phone noticing I had a text message.

Welcome back to Rosewood Gemma. Watch your back or all your secrets just might spill.


“What’s wrong Gemma? You look like you have seen a ghost. Who sent that text?” She asks me worried.

“No one just my mum asking when I was coming home.” I say getting out of the car after turning off the ignition.

“Come on Ems.” I say going through the door and taking my shoes off. Ems does the same thing.

“Honey? Is that you?” I hear my mum call from the kitchen I think.

“Yes. Are you in the kitchen?” I ask back. “Yes come here please?” She asks me. Sounds like she has been crying again.

“Come on Ems. Let’s go to the kitchen. I am sure my mum will be thrilled to see you.” I say as I pull out my phone again. I pray it’s not this –A person.

Heard you were back in town. Why didn’t you tell me? I am hurt my little Gems. Come round my place later? My parents and Aria will be gone. We can catch up (;


Well hey stranger. Jk. Yeah I might be able to come round.  I am with Emily Fields at the moment. Bye Babe c;

xoxo Gems xoxo

“Who are ya texting Miss Smiley.” I hear Emily as behind me.

“Oh no one.” I say giving her a coy smile. “Oh whatever. You have your secrets and I will have mine.” She says smirking.

“What’s that on your wrist?” She asks finally noticing my tattoo.

“Oh I got two tattoos while in London.” I say rolling my eyes. “I bet your dad was thrilled.” She says laughing. “Oh yes he was pleased he grounded me for a month. He has no room to talk.” I say walking into the kitchen.

“Hey mum guess who I ran into!” I tell her giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Who dear?” She asks turning around. “Hey Mrs. St. Clair.” Emily greets her walking into the kitchen.

“Oh my god! Emily look at you. A year sure can change someone.” She says grabbing her into a hug.

“Yeah I know! I hardly recognized Gemma here. How are you?” She asks hugging her back.

“Just happy to be back. I have missed old Rosewood. How are your mom and dad?” She asks going back to the sink. All of our stuff including the cars was shipped back a month ago so everything was done and put away.

“They are really good. They are in Texas at the moment. That’s where my dad was reassigned. I am going to be joining them this summer. I am staying at Hanna Marin’s house at the moment.” She replies while looking at her phone. “Hey are we still going over to Hanna’s? She’s texting me asking me where I am.” She says.

“Mum is it-“I ask start to ask her if I can go. “Of course go dear. You haven’t seen your friends in a year. And your dad isn’t here even if he was I would still let you go.” She says drying off her hands.

“Thanks Mum! Want to see my room Ems?” I ask her starting towards my room.

“Of course. I doubt it looks the same.” She says shrugging.

“Wow! I like it girl.” She goes to sit on my bed. “Thanks Ems. A present from Daddy.” I say shrugging.

“Not to be nosy but what did he do that makes him need to make up for something? If that makes sense.” She asks me while looking around my room.

“Once a cheater always a cheater right?” I ask hoping she catches on.

“Oh my god! He didn’t!” She exclaims shocked. “Of course daddy dearest did.” I say in disgust.

“I should be ready in like 10 minutes is that okay?” I ask her.

“Of course take your time.” She says lying back on my bed. “Make yourself comfy.”  I say sarcastically.

“Oh hush and go change.” She says sticking her tongue out at me.

“Fine I am sheesh.” I say walking into my HUGE walk in closet.

“Gemma! You have a new text want me to read it to you?” I hear Emily faintly ask me.

“Yeah sure Ems.” I tell her poking my head out.

“Be sure to wearing something sexy my little Gem (; I will be waiting! (:


Shit shit shit. Really Mike?

“Who’s Mike? A boy toy of yours perhaps?” Em asks me all curious.

“I guess you could say that. I am gonna continue getting ready!” I call to her.

“Fine hurry1 Hanna is getting impatient.” She says rolling her eyes.

“I am! It takes time to look this pretty!” I call out laughing.

I pick out this amazing outfit. It’s this blue dress with black tights and black ankle boots. I leave my hair long and flowy.

I do light makeup and grab a different phone case and purse and head out the door of my huge closet.

“Took your time ‘my lil Gem’.” Emily says mocking Mike.

“Yeah yeah come on. Are we taking my car?” I say heading to the door grabbing my coat and keys.

“Yeah we will have too. Hanna’s house is like 20 minutes just walking. And do you think your mom would let you stay over tonight? To you know like catch up?” She asks me.

“I don’t know. Most likely.” I say shrugging and heading to kitchen and telling my mum I was leaving.

“Okay have fun you two. Oh here is your allowance.” She says handing me four hundred dollars discreetly. I wish my dad wouldn’t give me so much money. It makes me uncomfortable for one. And for two its’ not safe to carry that much money around at one time.

“Do you think Dad would mind if I deposit this is in my bank account? You know I don’t like carrying around this much money at once Mum.” I tell her whining. “Oh and Ems was wondering since its Friday if I could stay the weekend with her.” I tell her hoping she says yes. I really don’t want to be in this house. Especially with my creepy sister, stoner brother, and cheater father. My mum has always been my favorite out of my family.

“Yeah that should be fine. But have your phone on you at all times. You know in case of an emergency.” She says looking at me. That’s code for if your brother OR sister get in trouble again. They always seem to think that I can talk them out of doing stupid shit. No. I hate my sister so much. She is succcccch a creep. I swear one time I caught her trying to kill my dog. That’s why I lock my room every time I leave.

“Fine. Just let me go lock my room up and be sure  to feed my dog and make sure she goes out. AND MAKE ESMERELDA STAY AWAY FROM MY DOG. SHE TRIED KILLING HER!” I finish yelling. I hate my sister so much.

“Fine fine. No need to shout young lady. And I doubt she was trying to kill your dog. She was probably just playing with her too hard.” She says sternly. She refuses to believe that my sister is the reincarnation of EVIL.

“I will be right back Ems. I have to go make sure my dog has food and water and lock my door.” I say starting to go back to my room.

“Come here baby girl.” I say calling to my dog. “Mama has to leave for a little while but grandma will be taking care of you and making sure that mean Esmeralda stays away from you.” I tell her petting her head. I put some food and water out for her and continue to locking my door.

“Well well look who we have here. Princess Gemma making sure big bad Esmeralda doesn’t get the wittle puppy doggie.” She says smirking.

“What do you want freak? I don’t have time to listen to your bullshit. Unlike you I actually have friends and a social life. Go back to your creepy bedroom and do your devil worshipping shit or whatever it is you do there. Cut off heads of dolls or whatever. Honestly I couldn’t give a fuck what you do as long you stay out of my way.” I say pushing her out of my way.

“Wouldn’t want daddy to find out about Mike would we?” She says smirking. There is no way she can know about that.

“What are you talking about freak?” I spat at her.

“Oh you know what I am talking about Princess.” She says pushing past me to go to her bedroom.

I walk back to the kitchen and put on my coat and pull my mum into a hug. “Bye mummy. I love you.” I tell her just incase something happened to either of us.

“Come on Ems lets go.” I say heading to the front door.

“You okay Gemma?” She asks me as we get into my jeep.

“Yeah I am fine.” I say as I hear my phone ping.

Poor Poor Gemma. Always having to hide who she dates. Must get tiring. I might do you a favor and go ahead and tell Daddy. Watch out. -A

  “Who was that Gemma? Was it Miiiiiiiiiike?” She says teasingly. “It was no one. Some freak texting me.” I say shrugging and putting the car in drive.

“So do you think Hanna will freak when I show up?” I say laughing keeping my eyes on the road.

“Oh yes. She will freak out most likely.” She says laughing. “You know she will freak.” She says again.

“Oh I know she will. I might as well get ear plugs.” I say laughing turning around the corner.

“So how have you been Em? Any new boyfriends or girlfriends?” I ask her. Of course I know about her liking girls. Ali told me, she told me everyone’s secrets. I don’t know why honestly. I could have cared less.

“Oh uhm how did you know about that? The only person who knew was Ali.” She says looking nervous.

“I know Em because Ali told me you had a crush on me and her.” I say softly to her, reaching over and squeezing her hand.

“Oh. It was just because you were always so nice to me. And I thought you might have liked me. I mean I guess I hoped you liked me.” She says blushing.

“Em I mean yeah I did experiment a bit while in England but I learned that I am more attracted to guys whereas I see myself not attracted to girls. Sorry Ems. I do love you as a sister.” I say squeezing her hand again.

“Its okay. I have given up on that crush a loooooooong time ago. I know we are only ever gonna be friends and you have the mysterious Mike to contend with.” She says laughing out loud.

“Whatever. Mike is the least of my worries right now.” I say in a whisper.

“What do you mean? Whats going on Gemma?” She asks me in a worried voice. I don’t know if I should tell her. I mean yeah we have been best friends for a long time but at the same time we haven’t really talked in a year. And for all I know it could be just some freak messing with me. But I am kinda scared. And that’s a lot coming from me since my sister is a psychopath.

“well I have been getting these texts. And I don’t know who they are from.” I say slowly choosing my words carefully.

“Give me your phone. Now Gemma.” She says sternly to me. “Just grab it out of my purse Em. I have to keep both hands on the wheel.” I say to her laughing.

“Oh yeah duh.” She says reaching for my phone. “Whats the passcode?” She asks. “Its 2010.” I say smirking. I am sure I am the only one in this sleepy town that knows what that is reference to.

“Oh cool. How long have you been getting these texts Gemma?” She asks me with a worried look.

“Uhm since I ran into you, I think. Why?” I say still keeping my eyes on the road.

“Well we need to tell the girls about this when we get back to Hanna’s. This is important.” She says sounding panicked.

“So why did you dye your hair blonde.” She asks me quickly changing the subject.

“OH uhm I figured it would be a good change and I didn’t want to be mistaken to being related to that demon.” I say shrugging again. “Ems what is so important about these texts?” I ask her again.

“Its nothing yet Gems. But it gets worse.” She says frowning. “Right here. That’s her house.” She says pointing to the house.

“Cool.” I say pulling into the driveway. I get out of my car and wait for Ems. As soon as I hear her shut the door I lock it and turn on the alarm.

“Come on! Lets surprise them.” She says giggling.

“Ems is that?” I hear who I assume to be Hanna call out.

“Yeah its me I brought a friend. Hope you don’t mind.” She calls back and takes off her jacket. I do the same except I leave mine with me.

“Come here Han, Aria, and Spence.” She says to the girls.

“Is everything o- OH MY GOD GEMMA!” Hanna yells alerting the girls to my presence. “Oh my god how have you been? When did you get back?” She asks me pulling into a hug.

“Oh uhm I have been good I guess. London was fun for a while but it got old fast. I guess you could say some people don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves. And I just got back to Rosewood earlier this morning. And I am glad to be back.” I say hugging her back.

“Well its great to see you. You look amazing.” She compliments me letting go of me.

“Yeah good too see you Gemma.” Aria states. She knows about me and Mike. And still doesn’t like the idea of Mike and I being together even if it’s a secret relationship.

“Hey Aria.” I say back.

“Welcome back Gemma.” Spence says coming to hug me.

“Thanks Spencer.” I say hugging her back as well.

“Gems where is your phone?” Emily asks coming to kitchen. I guess she was letting us have our moment.

“Oh here. Are you ever going to explain what the hell is going on.” I ask her irritated.

“One sec Gemma. Look at these texts guys.” She says to the other girls showing them my phone. “You have a new text Gemma.” Emily says handing me my phone back so I can reply to whoever it is.

“Oh its just my mom.” I say smiling to myself. Its really Mike but I am so not gonna say that with his sister in the room.

“Gemma, have you been getting texts like these while you were in England.” Spencer asks me.

“Oh uhm yeah. I honestly thought it was my sister being a freak but she insists it wasn’t her.” I say shrugging.

“Well what did they say in the texts or general statement.” Spencer asks me again.

“Oh uhm one was making me confess to my father about ----.” I say stopping.

“No secrets Gem, that is what this person wants.” Hanna tells me.

“She’s dating my brother. And we all know how our dad’s hate each other. I found out about when we were still in Iceland and I found an email accidentally sent to my account from Gemma. I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone. Sorry Gemma but this is much bigger than you or Mike.” She says with a sorry tone.

“Its fine Aria, I shouldn’t have asked you to keep that a secret. Its like all we know is secrets, like we were raised on them. That’s why I hated this damn town so much. Its built on secrets.” I say in a disgusted tone.

“But according to Ali secrets made us closer.” Em says teasingly.

“Well Ali isn’t here to clean up her messes we are and we are going to be paying for it.” I say shaking my head. “I honestly thought coming back to Rosewood, would be a good thing. Now I think its just a huge mistake. I don’t wanna be caught up in this. I already live a double life dating Mike, I can’t take anything else.” I say tearing up.

“Anyways how is your family? Your brother and sisters?” Spencer asks quickly.

“They are good I guess. Esie is just as evil, one brother is a stoner and the other well we don’t know honestly.” I say laughing.

“Well girls weekend okay? We need to catch up.” Hanna says pulling me to her room. Out of all the girls I am closet to her.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.. Again welcome back to Rosewood Gemma, You always were my favorite. Sleep tight! xoxo -A

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