My Best Friends Mate? Is Me?

Ashley and Brandon have been best friends since they were born. But things started to get a little weird once Brandon hit 18. Next thing you know Ashley finds out that she’s Brandon's mate! In other words, her best friend is her soul-mate... Plus he’s the next Alpha of his pack and her family hasn’t been exactly truthful with her. Once she finds out her families and Brandon’s secret, what will she do?

Where will this lead?

Will she forgive them?

Or will she not?


1. Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

"KEITH NICHOLAS DALE!!" I yelled, my voice echoing throughout the large mansion. I stomped out of my room, steam practically coming out of my ears, "KEITH!! COME OUT HERE YOU LITTLE BR-" I screeched, but was cut short when my mother poked her head out from around the corner. She gave me her, 'Don't swear in my house young lady' look, before I could finish my sentence. My little brother Keith, who has just turned 16, had pranked me... He put blue dye in my shampoo! Now my hair was freaking blue! BLUE!! And school starts tomorrow. The first school day of the year... TOMORROW!!

My mothers eyes traveled up to look at my hair, and she cracked a smile before turning and walking towards the kitchen with little Lucy in her hands... Lucy is the most recent addition to the family, born 1 month ago actually. I let out a frustrating sigh, turning back around and walking into my room.

Time to wash my hair another 50 times...

My room was big, and I mean big... The walls were a lime green and white, as the floor was just plain wood. I had a queen sized bed backed up against the wall, and across it was a TV. On the right of the bed was a desk which held my apple MacBook on it as well as some (well most) of my CDs, just above it was hundreds of photos of my friends and me collaged into one big poster, and on my left was my book shelf (which had a lot of books), a small couch just big enough for two people and my walk in wardrobe. The bathroom, which I have to share, is on the right near my desk. All it had was the usual shower, bath, sink and toilet.

I walked into my room, closing my door on my way in. I found Brandon clucking his stomach laughing his head off on my bed at the sight of my hair. I glared at him, "This is so not funny..." I growled, walking towards him and sitting next to the laughing maniac. He just kept on laughing,

"It's not funny! IT'S HILARIOUS!!" He gasped, his perfectly tanned face turning red from the lack of air.

Brandon Ford is my best friend, we've been friends since we were little. Like really little. My parents and his are like a big family! But we aren't related in any way. He ruffled his dark brown hair and opened his big chocolate brown eyes, "I can't believe your hair is blue!" He chuckled. I glared at him again, turning to look into my mirror. My blue/green eyes looked up at my once golden brown hair that was now a striking blue. I sighed, walking into my wardrobe and grabbing a towel. I walked out and towards the bathroom.

Brandon was on his phone, looking out the window with a worried look. He closed his phone and looked up at me, his face instantly turning into a smile. "I'm sorry Ash, but I have to go home... Family stuff..." He sighed, walking over to me. By family stuff he means that the new member of his family in on its way...

I smiled at him, "It's okay... I have to wash the blue out of my hair by tomorrow... I'll see you tomorrow?" I asked, giving him a hug.

"Sure..." He whispered into my hair.

We let go, and I walked him to the front door. "Tell me what their names are going to be!" I shouted, while he opened the door of his car. "I will!!" He smiled, while climbing into his car. Then off he went. I smiled walking inside and toward the bathroom. I stopped next to the living room and glanced inside... I smiled evilly to myself from the sight I saw. Keith, Finn and Shaun (three of my brothers) sat on the couch playing Black Ops. I crept to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of honey. I quietly unscrewed the lid and crept back to the living room.

Mother was looking at me, grinning the whole time. The thing I love about my mum is that she's fine with me pranking my younger brothers since she was the only girl in a family of 5 kids... She knows my pain... I slowly walked behind the boys, making sure that I didn't make a sound. I wouldn't since I'm a master of stealth, playing paint ball actually pays off... I stood right behind Keith and dumped the whole bottle of honey over his head, and rubbing it into his hair with my hands. He gasped in horror, dropping the game control and turning around. I dropped my honey covered hands to my sides as I grinned in triumph. His face turned the deepest red ever known to man.

"ASHLEY!" He screamed, jumping off the couch as I ran towards my room.

I reached my room and locked it, forgetting about my covered hands, then ran to the bathroom. I locked each one of the doors from the inside (besides the one that led to my room) and leaned against the cold wall. Loud banging nosies rose from the bathroom door, "ASHLEY!! GET OUT OF THERE!!" I let out a laugh, imagining my brother banging his hands against the door, his face redder than Santa's suit, honey running down from the top of his head.

Revenge is sweet...

I giggled, standing up and walking over to my room. Then sighed, remembering that I had to wash the dye out of my hair. I grabbing the towel that I left and I walked back to the bathroom. Time to wash my hair over and over again...


After about five hours of washing and drying my hair. I successfully washed most of the blue out of my hair. I used my special shampoo which was made to wash dye out of my hair with only a couple of washes.

This prank has happened to me before...

I was now down stairs eating dinner with the family. My mother, Paula, was at the very end of the table with Lucy in her hands. Next to her was my father, James, who was taking care of the toddlers; Dakota who is 5, and Jackson which is 2. Further down the line was Shaun and Caitlin, he's 12 and she's 9. Next were the twins, Finn and Mika which are 14. Across from me was Keith, he kept glaring at me. But knowing Keith, he can't keep a grudge for very long.

Brandon called not to long ago, stating that his mother was fine and that the new member of the family will come into the world soon. They were all at the hospital. Brandon, being the oldest, was taking care of all the kids while Madeleine, Brandon's mother, was in labor. Brandon, Lucas (who is 15) and Henry (which is 14) were taking care of the little ones. Henry was taking care of Opal (11 year old) and Megan (8 year old), while Lucas was taking care Nathan (he's 5) and Justin (he's 3). Brandon was taking care of Misty the youngest Ford member, the little 2 year old is an angel. Well she is in my eyes...

The home phone buzzed to life, making me jump slightly. My father stood up, excused himself and rushed to the phone. He picked it up and started walking to the living room, leaving us wondering. I raised an eyebrow at his sudden change in actions, and walked over to mum.

"What's up with dad?" I asked, while gently grabbing Jackson and putting him on my knee. My mother just looked up then back at Lucy.

"Just business..." She stated, while rocking Lucy slightly.

Yeah that's very convincing...

In that moment dad walked in, he let out a big sigh, "Sorry everybody but I must leave... Work needs me again..." He stated, walking over to mum and kissing her on the cheek. "I'll be back soon..." He smiled lovingly, walking over to his office. I stood up and put Jackson back down in his chair, and started walking down the hallway towards dad.

"Uh... Dad?" I asked, knocking on the half open door. He turned around quickly, hiding something behind his back as he turned. I wonder what it is...?

"Yes Ashley?" He smiled, walking up to me. I shook my head back into reality and looked up at him. His once dark brown hair now had flakes of grey, and his big green eyes looked down at me,

"Can I come with you?" I asked rather quickly. He seamed taken back at the sudden question,

"Uh- Um-" he stuttered, his eyes searching for an answer... "I'm sorry Ash, but this is only for me to see, not anyone else... I'm sorry Puppet but I'm not aloud to bring anyone with me..." He said sadly, obviously lying...

I have this thing were I can tell if someone lies. Kinda annoying since no one can keep a secret away from me so... Yeah... It kinda sucks...

I put on a fake smile, "Oh well! Maybe next time?" I asked, a little too joyful for me. He looked at me with a confused expression, but was quickly changed into a grin, he just nodded his head slightly in agreement. "Okay then... Bye dad! Have fun!" I smiled, leaving the room without him being able to answer me. I walked down the silent hallway, everybody was still eating, then my phone buzzed in my pocket. I grabbed my phone and realized that it was Brandon. I smiled, while answering the call.

"Hey Brad!"

"ASH!! We have twins!!" He screamed from the other line, wait... Did he say twins?

"Twins? You mean like two?"

"YES TWINS! I'll send you a picture of the little beauties!" He said enthusiastically, I can just imagine a giant grin on his face. He's a very caring brother, and anyone would be lucky to have him.

He hung up and soon enough a image popped up in our conversation. I opened it up and saw Brandon, a huge grin on his face, and in each arm he held a baby. The one on the left was wrapped in a blue blanket, while the other was wrapped in a pink one. I saved the picture to my photos and another message popped up.

From Brandon

Meet Timothy and Abbey! My new baby brother and sister! :) :D

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