Summer Love

Diana had been an outcast to her family all her life and no one had liked her , but they we're always jealous of her she was rather beautiful. One day Diana's Family had abandoned her so she was left out on the streets forced to work for something she didn't want to do ,be auctioned...
But what she didn't know is that something good came out of doing it. She would meet the Famous Harry Styles...


1. The Auction

I shuddered at my name being called out. "Up next is , Diana Madison" The announcer shouted over to the eager buyers

I felt shakes coming on and i was cold of course you would be cold if the Auctioneers made you wear just lingerie 24/7. I took a step out on the stage and the crowd roared they looked like something from a cartoon and i just stood there looking like  statue doing what i was told. " Alright , for Diana do i hear-" , " $200,000" Someone shouted over the chaos i widened my eyes

who would spend that much money for me?!. This was my first time being bought so i suspected it was some fat man who couldn't even take care of himself or his surroundings but i was far off this man had abs , curly hair and did i forget to mention that he was Harry Styles?.


(Theme song: Summertime sadness)

 "Take her to my House , I have to do some things" I heard Him say in his Thick British Accent

I slumped down in my seat expecting for the worse this had been my first time being bought i have to admit though He was kind of cute but he seemed like the Angry type that would just work all day and have no time for me and i would have to be just a "Housewife" For the summer , He only bought me for the Summer just 2 months or so but at the end he would have to give me up unless he wanted to marry me but that never happens with a sex slave the master always gets sick of the girl and throws her out on the streets instead of giving her back to the  Auctioneer.

When i got to his house , It wasn't a house it was a Mansion it took about 4-5 hours to get there but it was worth it i rode in a limo with a Hot tub and a whole line of vodka but i only drank a shot of it not wanting to be wasted like i usually am but other than that no matter what i did or ate my figure would still stay and everybody knew i was far more beautiful than that.

Harry was home and had dinner prepared and set on the table he looked up at me with his emerald eyes glowing and he smiled at me "Go and get something nice on , theres a closet full of clothes for you in our room." He said

He said our room? and i smiled

I looked around the room it was gorgeous and appeared to be set for something it had candles all over and rose petals everywhere i giggled and found something to change into it was a cute tanktop that said "Love" on it and some white shorts as i walked downstairs i heard the sound of other people talkng mostly guys.. it was one direction!!!!! i gasped and they did too i heard one of them say "Shes gorgeous" i was assuming niall he thought everyone was.,....


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