Love is all you need

Emma just moved to Jackson town and is hoping to find someone interesting to hang with. She thought it was hopeless but then she met Jayce...


1. Jackson high

Chapter 1

I turned around and I bumpedInto someone. "Shit! On the first day I bump into someone so Ho..." I trailed off stopping myself From the word hot. "Hi I'm Emma!" I said as he smiled at me. "Jayce. First year?" I laughed a shy laugh and looked straight into his WONDERFUL grey eyes. " ya! Is it that obvious?" I looked down. "Kind of. But you seem to have it under control!" He said with sarcasm. Ring! "I have to get to class." He sighed. " ya same...what class do you have right now?" I asked praying. "Uhhh..." He looked at his iPhone and looked up at me." Science! You?" I wanted to jump up and down and scream! " same! Why don't we walk together?" I asked hopefully. " I don't see why not!" He smiled and we walked to class.

6 hours later

"Wanna go to that ice cream parlour down the street?" He asked me after school on our way out. " sure! Let's go!" I almost cried. On the way there I got a little confused. " is this like... A... Date?" I asked. " if you want it to be." He looked down and I could tell he was blushing. I didn't want to answer because I was nervous! We got to the ice cream store. "What kind do you want?" He asked me. I looked at the list tapping my lips. "I'll have the rocky road please." I said finally coming to a decision. "Ok." He walked up to the clerk. "Two medium rocky roads please!" And he went to pull out his wallet when I grabbed it and shoved it back in and grabbed out mine and paid the 15$. "You didn't have to do that!" He laughed. "You deserve it!" I looked deep into his absolutely wonderful eyes. I realized I was staring and blushing and I turned around and grabbed the ice cream. "Let's go eat it on that hill!" He said as he grabbed it and pointed at the hill a block away. " ok I can burn the calories I'm about to put on!" I looked down at my flat stomach that I thought was huge but apparently not, then looked at Jayce. "What calories?! You are so god damn skinny!" 'Whatever' I thought. I just smiled. I wander, what would his lips fell like? Maybe I should see...

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